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Aspire Speeder Firmware V02

Aspire Speeder firmware V02 is now here, we listen to your suggestion and cancel the wattage draining phenomenon on the speeder mod. What’s more,V02 firmware allows you to adjust the screen brightness Press up and down button simultaneously for 2 seconds to enter the screen brightness setting, you can use the up or down button to change the brightness value and click fire button to confirm your choice.

Under TC Ni/Ti/SS mode,users enter into the TCR setting by pressing the up and down button simultaneously for about 0.5seconds

We also add Wattage preheat function to Speeder mod, it has three levels: H(Harder)/N(Normal)/S(Soft).
Pressing fire button and up button simultaneously for 0.5 seconds will allow you to select between Wattage,Voltage,Bypass ,CPS(C1/C2/C3).
Select Watts and click fire button to confirm, then the cursor will go to the preheat setting H(Harder)/N(Normal)/S(Soft) ,use the up or down button to choose the option and click the fire button to confirm your choice

Not support Mac os high sierra 10.13

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