Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.
Neo Technology,
Incredible Experience

Demand the Best

With the Proteus Neo, every inhalation transports you to a world of pure hookah bliss. Immerse yourself in the dense clouds of vapor, relishing the same sensation and enjoyment as traditional hookah, but with the convenience of a portable device.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Demand the Best

Optimal Meshed Coil, Performance in Full

The perfect application of a flavourful meshed coil and organic cotton for heating evenly while wicking e-liquid effectively. The 0.17 ohm coil resistance will bring you an ideal balance between pure flavour and massive clouds.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Optimal Meshed Coil

Excellent Design and Performance

Discover the ultimate fusion of stunning design, exciting performance, premium flavour, huge e-liquid capacity, and smart safety protection. All the features come together to make Proteus Neo the perfect masterpiece for the e-hookah family.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Excellent Design and Performance


For an optimal experience, we highly recommend that you choose a nicotine strength ranging from 0 to 3 mg/ml and a PG/VG ratio of 30/70. After filling, please close the silicone stopper as soon as possible and allow 5-10 mins for optimal saturation.

Nicotine Strength:0-3 mg/ml

Nicotine Strength:
0-3 mg/ml

PG/VG Ratio 30/70

PG/VG Ratio:

Waiting 5-10 mins after filling

5-10 mins after filling
E-liquid Reuqirements

Adjustable Top Airflow

Fully adjustable airflow control gives you a completely customizable experience. You can choose the best airflow for your personal shisha style and the top dual airflow slots keep leakage to a minimum.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Adjustable Top Airflow

25 ml Huge
E-liquid Capacity

Compared with its previous generations, the Proteus Neo Tank capacity is upgraded to 25 ml to let you shisha worry-free and the convenient top fill design makes refilling a piece of cake without any leakage annoyance.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah 25 ml Huge E-liquid Capacity

Lasts Longer, Charges Faster

No more frequent charging inconvenience. With its 5700 mAh built-in batteries and 80W max power, it can handle massive clouds and long sessions. Plus, 2A fast charging gets you back to shisha quickly.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Lasts Longer, Charges faster

Draw-activated System

The Proteus Neo features a draw-activated system that performs with a milisecond firing response, as well as a stable output without pressing any button.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Draw-activated System

E-hookah Set-up Instructions

Comes with two different sized silicone adapter inserts to fit different sized stems.

  1. Fill the tank
  2. Remove stick from the coil and bottom of tank
  3. Choose correct silicon adapter for your stem
  4. Just inhale and enjoy it
Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Instructions to Set up the E-hookah

5 Popular Colours for Selection

The Proteus Neo comes in 5 colours:

Black, White, Red, Green and Blue.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah 5 Popular Colours for Selection

Components View

Proteus Neo
Airflow Control Dial
Replaceable Coil
LED Indicator
Type-C Charging Port
Silicone Adapter
Airflow Control Dial
Replaceable Coil
LED Indicator
Type-C Charging Port
Silicone Adapter

Product Specifications

Proteus Neo E-hookah Head Black
Proteus Neo E-hookah Head White
Proteus Neo E-hookah Head Red
Proteus Neo E-hookah Head Blue
Proteus Neo E-hookah Head Green

Colour: Black


Proteus Neo E-hookah Head


Ø72*109 mm

Color: Black





Charging Port:


Max Charge Current:


Tank Capacity:

25 ml


Adjustable top airflow

E-liquid Filling:

Easy top fill


Proteus Neo Meshed Coil 0.17Ω

Battery Capacity:

Built-in 5700 mAh

Aspire ASP Chipset For Safety Protection

  • Vaping Over-Time Protection
    Protection (8s)
  • Short Circuit Protection
    Short Circuit
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
    Low Voltage
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Overheat Protection

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Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah
Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah (5)
Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah (4)
Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah (3)
Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah (2)