Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Product Verification V4 Label

HIn light of our rebranding, we will update Aspire’s new anti-counterfeit label:

1. Why do we need to update the anti-counterfeit label

There are numerous copy labels in and around the market
To protect our customers from unknowingly purchasing fake products
To ensure customers trust in the authenticity of our products. These fake products cause irreparable damage to our brand and reputation.
To update our anti-counterfeit label to reflect the new logo change.

2. What is the difference between the new label and the previous versions?

The previous design of the holographic label with an ‘A’ is easily seen when viewed at any angle and displays a partial QR code obscured by the ‘scratch off’ panel.
The current design is incorporated with the new holographic logo symbol and ‘A’ – also visible when viewed at any angle. The QR code is obscured partly concealed from the top-right by the ‘scratch off’ panel.

3. How does the new anti-counterfeit label work?

As you move the new hologram under light by gently swaying the label, you will see the letter ’A’ and the new holographic logo symbol will animate and change in appearance.

4. It’s now more convenient to check the security code

You can scratch the silver panel and see a whole QR code on the new anti-counterfeit label, then you can use a scan function if your phone has one to scan the QR code. This will then take you to the ‘check result’ interface where the ASPIRE PRODUCTS VERIFICATION will inform you of the authenticity of your product. Now you no longer need to type in the long serial number, and you will know if the product you bought is authentic or not.

5. Suggestions for Aspire users

We often receive feedback from our customers that they have bought a fake product, therefore in order We often receive feedback from our customers that they have bought a fake product, therefore in order to make sure you get original Aspire products and better after-sales service, we highly suggest you buy our products directly from Aspire authorized vendors or distributors. You can find a vendor or distributor in your country here.