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IMPORTANT NEWS – Verifying your Aspire Kits and/or the Nautilus Mini

They say that imitation is a form of flattery, and although this is sometimes true, we at Aspire feel strongly in regards to the risks that exist to those who use imitation/copies of our products, due to low quality materials and a disregard for consumer safety that are involved. To this end, we have rigorously tried to find ways to ensure your peace of mind in regards to your next Aspire product purchase.


Here are some important aspects of our Aspire Kits and the Nautilus Mini, which can help verify their authenticity.

   1)   3D sticker: From August 5th, selected Aspire products including the two Aspire kits, Nautilus and Nautilus Mini, will be labeled with a 3D security sticker, which will help our customers verify that the product is original and of the highest quality. This sticker will be used in conjunction with our existent security code system and will act as verification of our commitment to your satisfaction.

For more information, visit: http://www.aspirecig.com/news/news170.html

   2)   Paperboard: The packaging used within both the Aspire kits and the Nautilus Mini is comprised of a material termed as ‘Paperboard’, a kind of compressed cardboard. This material is made from recyclable materials, is of the highest quality and is marked with our logo to ensure the secure and safe packaging of our products. Due to both cost and the complex nature of our packaging, counterfeiters have opted to used plastic instead. This is a very important difference to look for in the packaging, and pictures of both original and imitations can be found in the product descriptions on this site.


   3)   Serial number: All of the Aspire kits, Nautilus and Nautilus Mini are labeled with a serial number, you can send the serial number to us, and we can check whether the product you have bought is original or not.Attached picture is for your reference.

We recommend that you only buy Aspire products from authorized Aspire distributors and resellers. A list of official Aspire product resellers can be found at:http://www.aspirecig.com/business-partners/


For reference, a list of some of our Chinese “Copy cats” can be found here: http://www.aspirecig.com/copycat/


Want to know what the counterfeits look like? Click here:http://www.aspirecigsupport.com.


Please remember, re/selling counterfeit products is both illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts. The Aspire team will continue to do our best to protect our brand, products, patents, and of course… our customers, but we would greatly appreciate your help by contacting us directly if any suspected counterfeit Aspire product is found. Stay Safe! – Aspire Team

New Verification System

Aspire Product verificationAspire new anti-counterfeit

Old Verification System

Aspire Product verification

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