WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Dear Vape fam,

Thank you for purchasing our AVP-CUBE limited Edition, which also provides a chance to win yourself an iPhone 12 or DJI drone or other amazing prizes!

Now the winners have been picked up during our live stream in Dec 30th, 2020. Please scroll down to check the winning lucky codes, and claim your prize in time.

Good Luck and Happy New Year.

Best regards,
Aspire Team



iPhone 12 x 1


Apple Watch Series 3 x 1


DJI Tello Drone x 1


Aspire MIXX Mod x 5


AVP-CUBE Coils x 20

Winners List

Congratulations to the following lucky codes for winning the prizes.

1st Prize Lucky Code

313***0145 (Unclaimed)

2nd Prize Lucky Code

138***5699 (Unclaimed)

3rd Prize Lucky Code

579***7304 (Unclaimed)

4th Prize Lucky Codes

948***4244 (Unclaimed)
426***4575 (Unclaimed)
795***6697 (Unclaimed)
235***5403 (Claimed)
445***9852 (Unclaimed)

5th Prize Lucky Codes

337***6349 (Unclaimed)
762***2000 (Unclaimed)
800***3372 (Unclaimed)
655***1918 (Unclaimed)
217***4793 (Unclaimed)
625***3918 (Unclaimed)
820***4657 (Unclaimed)
920***1274 (Unclaimed)
485***7217 (Unclaimed)
418***2328 (Unclaimed)
151***1672 (Unclaimed)
311***0682 (Unclaimed)
362***2108 (Unclaimed)
278***6371 (Unclaimed)
962***4643 (Unclaimed)
535***0085 (Unclaimed)
280***5567 (Unclaimed)
575***5392 (Unclaimed)
701***0629 (Unclaimed)
147***9908 (Unclaimed)

Winners Selection

Winners announcement and selection will be streamed live via aspire social media.

How to Enter to Win Prizes


Step 1

Buy the AVP-CUBE Limited Edition.


Step 2

Get your unique Lucky Code (10 numbers) on the card included in the packing box.


Step 3

Join the Lucky Draw Live on Aspire social media at 08:00pm, Dec.30th (GMT+8).


Step 4

Check Aspire social media posts or this link during or after the Live Stream to check if your Lucky Code is picked as the winner.

How to claim your prize

Congratulations if you are one of the winners, now it is time to claim your gift!


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