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What is the Best Alternative to Disposables?

21. Dec. 2022

You may have heard about vapes before. But what about disposable vapes?

Well, disposable vapes are non-rechargeable vapes that are already filled with e-liquid. The main difference between traditional vapes and disposable vapes is you don’t refill disposable vapes. Instead, when there is no e-liquid left, you can just dispose of it.

Current Situation

In recent years, disposable vapes have gained the attention of millions of people around the world. You will be surprised to know that the international market size for disposable vapes was valued at around $23.57 billion in 2022 (Grand View Research, 2022).


us-e-cigarette-vape-market,From: https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/e-cigarette-vaping-market

Moreover, according to Grand View Research, it is expected that the market will expand at a CAGR or compound annual growth rate of 30% during 2023-2030  (Grand View Research, 2022). During the forecast period, the demand for non-tobacco products will be driven by health concerns among people.

The National Library of Medicine published a study and indicated that in 2022, the use of disposable vapes has increased to 5.2% among adults in the US from a former rate of only 22.1%.

In addition to it, a UK-based study identified that disposable vapes were being used by 57% of teenagers in 2022 compared to 1% in 2021  (House of Lords Library, 2022). It indicates a dramatic increase in a little time period. 

These statistics indicate a rising popularity of disposable vapes among people, especially young adults. But why are disposable vapes so popular among people across the globe? Well, there are a couple of reasons why.

The Truth about Disposables

  • Compact , Easy-to-Use

Traditionally, people were required to purchase a pack of cigarettes and then keep the pack in their pockets. In addition to cigarettes, they would also be required to keep a lighter with them at all times. It was either that or a matchbox. Regardless, it consumed a lot of space.

However, this problem was resolved with vapes. Vapes completely eliminated the need to keep a lighter with them. Instead, people could just keep this small device in a pocket or even hang it around their necks and use it whenever they wanted. Disposable vapes are rather small and they can fit even the smallest places. With an appealing design, a vaper can use it wherever he wants and take it with him without worrying about anything.

Aspire R1

Aspire R1

  • Not Environmental-Friendly

Even though disposable vapes have several perceived benefits, it is not possible to overlook that they are not environmental-friendly. For instance, disposable vapes are made from plastic, and throughout the world, people throw them in the garbage or in the open.

Since disposable vapes are not recycled, it results in a large volume of plastic waste that is untreated. It adversely influences not only the environment but also people and even aquatic life.

On the other hand, there is no need to throw out a rechargeable vape. For instance, even when you have used up all the e-liquid, you can just refill it and use it again. Unlike a disposable vape that you have to throw out, there is no need to dispose of your rechargeable vape. Instead, you can refill it and use it as many times as you want without contributing to plastic waste.

Not Environmental-Friendly

Not Environmental-Friendly

  • Unit Price is Low

The very first reason is disposable vapes are rather affordable. Compared to traditional smoking and even some rechargeable vapes, disposable vapes are quite cheaper.

In fact, you can consider exploring different stores and you will find out that disposable vapes are indeed affordable. Disposable vapes tend to contain nicotine salt e-liquid. This liquid has a strength between 0 mg and 50 mg.

Even though disposables appear to be more affordable, the usage cost of disposable vapes is higher than a usual vape. After all, you cannot refill it and you are required to purchase a new disposable vape whenever you have used it. Unlike a disposable vape, a rechargeable vape can be refilled whenever you have used up all the liquid.

Thus, a disposable vape often becomes a more expensive option in the long run.

Best Alternatives to Disposables

If there are any alternative products on the market that offer the same benefits but minimize the negative impacts? Well, there are such alternatives that are offered by Aspire, an international brand.

Aspire has become increasingly popular in the international market for its quality and sustainable vapes. Some of its alternatives to disposable vapes are:

These are undoubtedly some of the best alternatives to disposable vapes that you can find on the web. These novel rechargeable vapes have some features in common despite offering unique designs and vaping experiences. These common features are:

  • Branded: Vapes like Gotek X and Gotek S are designed and made by Aspire, an international vaping brand. Aspire is renowned throughout the world for offering some of the finest rechargeable vapes one can find on the web. In fact, every vape is uniquely designed to suit the style and vibe of the vaper.
Gotek X

Gotek X

  • Cost-Efficient: All of these vapes are quite cost-efficient. Unlike most branded vapes, these vapes are affordable and you can easily afford them. Typically, vapers have to be concerned about their budget before they can purchase the vape they prefer. However, when it comes to vapes offered by Aspire, they are budget-friendly and anyone can afford them easily. It means that anyone can get a rich vaping experience without spending excessive money.
  • Refillable and Pre-filled: You will be pleased to know that some vapes such as Gotek S and Gotek X come in both refillable and prefilled versions. It means you can refill them once you have used up all the e-liquid. It means that one vape by Aspire is equivalent to many disposable vapes. There is no need to throw the vape once you have used up all the e-liquid. Instead of it, you can just refill it and use it again.  Add something advantage about. Meanwhile, when it comes to the prefilled model, it is rather easy to use. You can just purchase the device and it will already have e-liquid filled in the vape. Once you have used it, you don’t need to refill it, just need to buy a new pod with lowest cost.
Gotek S

Gotek S

  • Reliable: One of the best features of vapes by Aspire is they are all reliable. If there is one thing that Aspire does not compromise on, it is quality. All the vapes it designs and develops are durable and continue to deliver an optimal vaping experience to vapers. You can use a vape repeatedly without worrying about its functionality. Even after a long time of usage, it will continue to perform well.
  • Trustworthy: Aspire values strong and long-term relationships with all clients. Thus, the brand ensures that customers throughout the world can trust the brand and its vapes. In order to build trust, the brand designs vapes and manufactures them using strong materials that do not budge even under harsh usage conditions. In fact, its vapes can take a beatdown but still deliver an exceptional vaping experience.
Minican 2

Minican 2

  • After-Sales Warranty: All the vapes by Aspire come with an after-sales warranty. It means that you do not need to worry about your money. In case there is anything wrong with the vape, which is highly unlikely, you can get a new vape in exchange. Unlike other vaping companies, Aspire truly cares for its customers and clients. Therefore, the brand takes all the steps it can to exceed their expectations and satisfy them.

One of the most prominent things about Aspire is that the brand pays significant attention to quality and detail. It ensures that only those vapes are developed that can truly deliver an optimal vaping experience to customers and clients. Thus, no matter what vape you choose, it is going to exceed your expectations.




Overall, there is no doubt that disposable vapes have become rather popular among both young people and adults. There are many reasons why they are trending, to be honest. For instance, they are perceived to be more affordable, compact, and easy to use. However, is this truly it? It is surprising to realize that disposable vapes are not that affordable in the long run and they are not environment-friendly. Since they must be disposed of when they are empty, they contribute to plastic waste. Not to mention, purchasing a disposable vape whenever the previous one is empty can cost more in the long run than a refillable vape.

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