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What is a Shock Proof Vape?

26. Oct. 2023

I guess you have already broken more than one glass tank or ruined an expensive vape. If you are a bit of a “careless” vaper, then you should consider vaping a shockproof vape device. Shockproof vapes are designed to stand up and resist shocks, drop damages, or scratches.

Do I Need a Shock Proof Vape?

Rhea x

If you have accidentally dropped your vape or if your lifestyle requires shock and hit resistance devices, then a shockproof vape is an excellent option for you. Standard vaping devices are quite fragile, and they rarely survive getting dropped.

Some vapers have a lifestyle or work environment that requires shockproof devices.

How Can I Protect My Vape?

Here we give you some tips to protect your vape:

1. Wrap it When You Travel

Wrap Rheax When You Travel

This is important to protect it from blows and blunt forces. Nonetheless, if you plan to fly with your vapes, read carefully the regulations and find out if vaping is prohibited in the destination country. We have an article where you can read about vaping and tips before flying.

2. Choose an acrylic glass tube instead of Pyrex

An acrylic vape tank glass is highly heat resistant to temperature variations. In addition, it has up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass. Moreover, it is half the weight of glass which is ideal for vapers looking for a lightweight vape. Furthermore, it’s highly resistant to many different chemicals.

3. Clean Your Vape Regularly

Your vape will vape more efficiently if it’s clean. Moreover, some e-juice will cause the coil to get gunky. In other words, the accumulation of sweeteners will alter the flavor and the performance of your vaping device.

What Can You Expect from a Shock-Proof Vape?

All colours of rheax

A shockproof device will offer you:

  1. A chipset that is specially engineered to work in many different environments.
  2. Very resistant to shocks and blunt force.
  3. Resistance to scratches and drop damages.
  4. Tough materials and high-grade silicon construction.
  5. Clear full-colour digital display interface.
  6. Solid build quality.

Looking for a shockproof vape from aspire?

  • Aspire Rhea is Aspire’s first shockproof vape. An industrial and futuristic masterpiece of design, with hard-wearing damage resistance in mind.
  • Aspire Rhea X is a compact, shock-proof vaping device with fast charging and BP Mesh Coils for great flavor. The Huracan Tank has top airflow and is leak-proof. Key specs: 1-100W output, 6ml tank, and safety features.

Shock Proof Vape: Conclusion

Many vapers are interested in devices they can use in different environments and situations. They want a vape device they can bring for trekking, sports, or flying.

Most of the vapers worry about damaging their vapes. Therefore, many vape manufacturers are developing shockproof vapes that vapers can use in many different environments and situations.