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Vape Product Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Solutions

25. Dec. 2023

When using various vape product on market, you may encounter some common problems, such as e-liquid leakage, coil burnt issue, etc. Why do these situations occur? How can these problems be solved and how can they be prevented from happening again? This article will answer your questions and provide tips for you.

Why is e-liquid leak and how to avoid leakage issue?

1. Improper Filling of E-Liquid

Overfilling is one obvious reason that causes e-liquid to leak. Putting too much e-liquid into your tank or pod can cause it to leak. Usually, a vape tank or pod has a max fill level which, if exceeded, may cause the e-liquid to leak out. When filling the tank, it is suggested to first close the air vents, then open the top cap to fill. Always leave a little empty space at the top. A slight gap of air creates a vacuum which helps to keep the liquid in place.

When filling the tank, it is suggested to first close the air vents, then open the top cap to fill. After filling, install the top cap tightly and quickly, then open the air vents.

After filling the pod, also ensure that the pod’s stopper is completely closed. A vape pod usually has a silicone stopper, such as the Aspire Gotek X or Cyber G. If your pod system is compatible with a replaceable coil, ensure that the coil is properly aligned and fully inserted.

Another common mistake among beginners is to squeeze the e-liquid into the central airflow channel. The central chimney of the coil, which extends into the mouthpiece and forms the airway for your vapour, should not be filled with liquid. If filled, the liquid will run straight through the coil and out of the bottom airflow ports in your tank.

2. Damaged Components of Tank Causing Leakage

The coil itself has a silicone ring around it, forming part of the tank or pod’s anti-leak design. Therefore, always ensure that it is properly installed.

If you are using a screw-in coil, make sure it is properly aligned before screwing it in to avoid cross-threading, which can create gaps for e-liquid to leak out.

Inspect the seals on the tank and the coil to ensure they are intact, with no losses or breaks. If a gasket appears damaged, remove and replace it. Most vape tanks come with spare seal gaskets for this purpose.

Check for any cracks in the glass tube. If the tank has been dropped, it’s possible that the glass tube may have developed cracks. Additionally, ensure the glass tube is tightly connected to the tank’s hardware, with no looseness.

3. Condensation Issue

Condensation occurs when the heated vapor meets a low-temperature atmosphere. You may notice condensation on the base hardware of the tank or the bottom of the pod after vaping for a while; this condensation can cause leakage.

It is recommended that users regularly clean the base part of the tank or pod with a tissue or cotton swab.

If a leaking problem occurs, disassemble the tank and wash it with clean water, then let it air dry for 1-2 days. Afterward, replace the old coil.

4. E-Liquid Spitting Issue

The phenomenon of e-liquid spitting is normal when vaping and can occur occasionally with all vape brands. Below are some suggestions to help avoid it.

It is better to fire the battery and inhale simultaneously. If you press the fire button on the battery for several seconds first and then vape, you may hear noise and experience e-liquid spitting out from the drip tip into your mouth.

Check the coil to see if there is too much juice in the central hole, especially if you have left the tank aside for a long time. Most spitting is caused by the coil being flooded. The juice pops in contact with the hot coil, but because it is saturated, it “spits”, similar to a frying pan. To address this, let the tank and the drip tip face the floor, and swing the tank to let the extra e-juice out of the drip tip. Then, use a clean paper to clean out the e-juice inside the drip tip and the area where the drip tip sits.

Loose components and parts of the tank can also lead to spitting. Please check the seal of every part of the tank, screw each component tightly, and ensure that all accessories are intact.

Vaping without soaking the coil can cause a burnt taste; on the other hand, spitting might also occur.

Users may find some vapor condensation (which looks like e-juice) on the Top Fill area or drip tip of the unit. These condensations can lead to spitting. Therefore, regular cleaning of the drip tip, airflow hole, and top fill area with a Q-tip or a clean paper towel is very important.


How to avoid coil burnt issue?

Although coils are consumable and have to be replaced eventually, there are some ways to avoid prematurely burning your coil.

1. Saturate coil with e-liquid properly

Ensure the coil is saturated with e-liquid before vaping can save you burning your coil.

After filling e-liquid,let the tank sit for about 5 minutes, to allow the coil to soak up the liquid. some people add a few drops of e-liquid onto the wicking cotton of coil directly before install it in tank, it will be better and is a faster way. After it sits for a little bit, You can take a puff, but do not press the fire button. This will help to pull the liquid into the coil.

What’s more, refill tank in time before the e-liquid inside the tank completely used up.

For a new coil, after the first few puffs,the flavor will go pure and pure.

2. Set output of mod properly

If your mod has adjustable output mode, you can set your mod at a low wattage in the beginning, use it for a while, and then slowly turn up the wattage until you get good flavor and vapor amount. Then stop at this wattage and use it.

The wattage output of mod you set should not higher than the max wattage that coil suggest.

3. Choose your e-liquid wisely

Proper e-liquid can contribute to your coils’ life.It is recommended to choose the corresponding e-liquid wisely according to different coils.

High sugar/sweetener content e-liquid will provide pleasant flavor but meanwhile will affect the coils life,if the e-liquid has a high sugar/sweetener content it will gunk up and caramelize on the coil fast. The darkening of the juice is the caramelized coils coloring it and short the coils’ life.

If you’re using sub ohm coils (coils of less than 1.0 ohm) ,you’re very likely to want to use low nicotine strength e-liquid with a 70 or 80VG.

If you’re just getting to grips with vape product, recommend start with an 50% or 60% VG e-liquid because this thinner liquid  is ideal for MTL coils,such as Nautilus BVC 1.6 or 1.8 ohm coils. It will produce less vapour than sub ohm coil and fantastic flavor.


How to Fix a Vape That Won’t Fire?

  • Check your coil and tank to see if any connections have become loose. Ensure you screw the coil/tank onto the mod tightly. Avoid cross-threading or stripping the threads.
  • Check if your coil needs replacing.
  • Ensure that you have fully charged the mod. If the mod is compatible with external battery cells, also make sure to install the battery cells in the correct direction.
  • Use a tissue or cotton swab with alcohol to clean the 510 metal connector at the bottom of the tank and the top of the mod. If you use a pod system, use a tissue to clean any condensation at the bottom of the pod and the top of the device after vaping for a while.