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Understanding Temperature Control (TC) Mode

24. Oct. 2023


Curious about the temperature control mode on your vape? Wondering how it works and if it’s worth trying? Look no further! In this article, we’ll delve into the world of temperature control (TC) mode and explore its benefits, drawbacks, and everything you need to know to vape in TC mode like a pro.

What is Temperature Control Mode?

Temperature Control

Temperature control mode is a feature that allows vapers to control the temperature of their device while vaping precisely. Instead of relying on wattage to heat the coil, TC mode utilizes a different approach. By adjusting the temperature settings, vapers can fine-tune their vaping experience to suit their preferences.

Why use TC Mode?

  1. Preventing Dry Hits: One of the major advantages of TC mode is the ability to avoid dry hits. Dry hits occur when the wick is not properly saturated with e-liquid, resulting in an unpleasant burning taste. With temperature control, the device automatically adjusts the power delivery to maintain a consistent temperature, preventing the coil from overheating and producing dry hits.
  2. Consistent Flavour: TC mode ensures a consistent flavour profile throughout your vaping session. By controlling the temperature, you can avoid overheating the e-liquid, which can lead to a burnt taste. The result is a more enjoyable and flavourful vaping experience.
  3. Prolonged Coil Life: Traditional wattage mode can subject coils to excessive heat, causing them to degrade faster. Temperature control mode helps extend the lifespan of coils by keeping them at a controlled temperature. This not only saves money but also reduces the hassle of frequently replacing coils.
  4. Customizable Vaping Experience: TC mode allows you to experiment with different temperature settings, giving you the freedom to find the sweet spot for your preferred vaping style. Whether you enjoy cooler or warmer vapour, temperature control allows you to tailor your experience to suit your taste.

Drawbacks of TC Mode

  1. Limited Coil Compatibility: Not all coils are compatible with temperature control mode. TC mode primarily works with coils made from materials such as nickel, titanium, or stainless steel. If you prefer using coils made from other materials, you may not be able to utilize the full benefits of TC mode.
  2. Learning Curve: Initially, using temperature control mode may require a bit of a learning curve. Understanding how to adjust temperature settings and finding the optimal range for your preferred vaping experience can take some time and experimentation. However, with a bit of practice, it becomes second nature.

When is it Recommended to Use the TC Mode?


Temperature control mode is recommended for vapers who value consistency, flavour, and coil longevity. If you’re tired of dry hits, burnt flavours, or frequently replacing coils, TC mode is worth considering. Additionally, TC mode is particularly useful when using e-liquids that are sensitive to high temperatures, as it allows you to enjoy their full flavour potential without any unwanted side effects.

How to Vape in TC Mode

To vape in TC mode, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure Your Device Supports Temperature Control: Not all devices have TC mode capabilities, so check your device specifications before attempting to use it.
  2. Choose the Right Coils: TC mode requires compatible coils made from nickel, titanium, or stainless steel. Consult your device’s user manual or manufacturer’s website for recommendations on compatible coil types.
  3. Set the Desired Temperature: Enter the TC mode on your device and adjust the temperature to your preference. Start with a lower temperature and gradually increase until you find your sweet spot.
  4. Prime Your Coils: Before using TC mode, ensure your coils are properly primed. This involves saturating the wick with e-liquid to avoid any dry hits.
  5. Experiment and Fine-Tune: Vaping in TC mode is all about finding the right temperature that suits your vaping style. Experiment with different settings and take note of what works best for you. The best temperature for TC mode varies depending on personal preferences and the e-liquid being used. However, a good starting point is between 380°F (193°C) and 450°F (232°C). From there, you can adjust up or down to find your ideal temperature for the perfect vaping experience.

Vaping Devices for Temperature Control

Understanding how temperature and its controlling devices affect your vaping experience is crucial. Investing in the best devices without getting caught up in ineffective ones is essential. Fortunately, there are trusted vaporizers on the market with a solid track record of performance.

Raga AIO

Raga AIO

Raga AIO is a rebuildable pod mod that adopts the cutting-edge Boro tank system. One of the standout features of the RAGA AIO is its effortless disassembly, a unique capability that puts vapers in complete control of their vaping experience.

At the heart of the RAGA AIO lies the ROH chipset. This powerful chipset offers a multitude of features, including 7 output modes, 6 protection mechanisms, a 0.66” OLED screen for real-time information display, and a millisecond-level firing response.

Veynom EX/LX

Veynom EX Veynom LX

Aspire has unveiled its highly anticipated Veynom Series, introducing the  Veynom LX and Veynom EX, two cutting-edge vaping devices that promise to redefine the vaping experience. These devices blend elegant aesthetics with ergonomic design, featuring high-polish metal structures and luxurious leather finishes, making them comfortable to hold and easy to carry. Both devices are compatible with BP Series Coils, designed for longevity and high-temperature resistance, resulting in enhanced flavour and cloud production.

The Veynom EX allows for battery customization, offering users the freedom to choose their preferred power source, while the Veynom LX comes with a substantial 3200 mAh battery for extended use. The common features include adjustable wattage, airflow adjustment, and vivid 0.96” TFT colour screens. With a variety of stylish colour options, these devices cater to diverse preferences. Aspire’s Veynom Series is set to captivate vaping enthusiasts, offering a blend of innovation and style, creating a new standard in the vaping industry.

Rhea X

Rhea X

The Aspire Rhea X is a compact and comfortable vaping device made with Alcantara for a soft grip. It’s shock-proof and lightweight, ideal for active users. The device offers ultra-fast 2A charging and features new BP Mesh Coils for enhanced flavour , longer coil life, and thicker clouds.

The Huracan Tank with top airflow and leak-proof design ensures a balance between flavour and cloud production. The Rhea X is designed for convenience with thread-less coils and a top-fill design. It has multiple output modes, a 0.96’’ TFT colour screen, and is powered by the Aspire ASP Chipset for safety protection.

With a stylish design and six colour options, the Rhea X provides a comfortable and convenient vaping experience for those on the go.

Zelos X

zelos x

The Aspire Zelos X kit is a versatile and stylish vaping setup with an external 18650 battery for extended use up to 80W. Paired with the Nautilus 322 tank, it delivers premium MTL vaping and rich flavour.

Compact and ergonomic, it boasts the ASP chipset for multiple output modes and a 0.96″ TFT colour screen.

The Nautilus 322 tank offers seven airflow settings, compatible with various Nautilus coils. It’s easy to change coils and prevents e-liquid leakage.

Meeting global vaping standards, it’s available in different capacities and comes in eight stylish designs. The kit includes safety features for a user-friendly vaping experience.


In conclusion, temperature control mode presents numerous benefits for vaping enthusiasts. TC mode offers a more enjoyable and customizable vaping experience from preventing dry hits to prolonging coil life. However, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks and invest time in understanding how to utilize TC mode effectively. So go ahead, experiment, and embrace temperature control mode for a more satisfying vaping journey.