Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Top 5 Aspire Auto-Draw Vape Kits To Quit Smoking

24. Mar. 2023


  1. Vilter Pro
  2. GoTek X
  3. Minican 2
  4. Flexus Stik
  5. Vilter Fun

If you are new to the world of vaping and are not sure what an auto-draw e-cigarette is, you may enjoy reading our article Auto-draw vs Manual e-Cigarette: An Explanation of How It Works. However, to give you a brief explanation, an auto draw e-cigarette is one where drawing on the e-cigarette automatically switches it on and vapour is produced. Then, when you stop drawing on the e-cigarette, it automatically switches itself off.

Auto-draw starter kits are a great choice for anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping as an aid for quitting. Similar to a traditional cigarette, all you need to do is draw on it to get a nicotine hit if the e-liquid is nicotine-infused. This mimics the same behaviour as lighting up a cigarette, without having to light up every time a puff is taken.

In the early days of auto-draw e-cigarettes, there wasn’t much e-liquid in them and the vapour produced didn’t have anywhere near the same level of ‘smoke’ as a cigarette, so the vaping sensation was poor. In today’s auto-draw e-cigarettes, especially those from Aspire, there is much more vapour produced and the experience is much more like smoking a cigarette.

So, which of the auto draw Aspire kits are the most popular?

1. Vilter Pro

Aspire Vilter Pro

If you’re looking to quit smoking, the Vilter Pro can be your perfect companion. Its slimline and lightweight design gives it the same feel as holding a cigarette, so you won’t miss out on that tactile sensation. We know that breaking habits is one of the hardest hurdles when it comes to quitting smoking, but with this e-cigarette in your hand, we’re sure you’ll make it over!

In our article Are e-cigarettes effective in helping people to quit smoking? we talk about one of the major problems with quitting cigarettes being finding a replacement for the ‘habit of having a cigarette in your hands’ and the Vilter Pro achieves this well.

Aspire have thought about everything for the novice to the experienced vaper with the Vilter Pro, you have a choice of three drip tips, one of which is very similar in feel, texture and drawing experience to a filter tip on a cigarette.

Then, when it comes to the vaping experience, there is a good amount of vapor, but not too much to overwhelm the new vaper, with a 1.2-ohm coil in the pod. The cartridge is a good 2 ml capacity, so while easy to fill, it is plenty big enough to provide you with sufficient e-liquid for an average day’s vaping.


2. GoTek X

Aspire Gotek S

Next on the list is the GoTek X which is more of a mod-style auto-draw e-cigarette. Its popularity comes from a number of practical features included within this e-cigarette which all go towards enhancing the vaping experience.

From a practical point of view, the cartridge can hold up to 5 ml of e-liquid, which can make sure you can vape on it for a longer time. It’s great quantities of e-liquid can statisfy you in both MTL and RDTL mode. Moreover, like all Aspire e-cigarettes, the cartridge is very easy to refill.

The other big advantage of the GoTek X is its size as, for a mod, it is extremely compact and fits comfortably and unobtrusively in your pocket. More compact than a packet of cigarettes, it easily replaces the smoking habit as you can simply take it out of your pocket and puff on it without even having to strike a match or find a cigarette lighter!


3. Minican 2

Aspire Minican 2

It is one of Aspire’s smallest and most popular auto draw e-cigarettes, the Minican 2. It may be very simple to use and one of the least expensive Aspire e-cigarettes, but don’t mistake it for a lack of quality, since it still incorporates tried-and-tested high quality elements, such as the replaceable pod containing an Aspire coil – and Aspire is known for providing the highest quality and the highest reliability coils available!

The Minican is probably the most ‘pocket-friendly’ e-cigarette — it’s tiny like an airpod charging case  and still manages to include a replaceable pod with a 3 ml cartridge and quality Aspire coils. No wonder it’s so popular with people quitting smoking: its size lets you easily keep it in your pocket so you have instant access to nicotine whenever you need it.


4. Flexus Stik

Aspire Flexus Stik

The Flexus Stik  is a great example of the ingenuity of e-cigarette designers at Aspire as this is what you might call a ‘hybrid’ e-cigarette. You get the freedom to select between manual/button fire and auto draw options, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on a great design if it doesn’t suit your preferred vaping style. It’s an ingenious way for users to unlock their ultimate vaping experience. This same option is available with the Cyber G  e-cigarette.


5. Vilter Fun

Aspire Vilter Fun

As the name suggests, the Vilter Fun is just that, fun to vape with and is designed to provide reformed tobacco smokers with a more enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience. The device comes with two drip tips, one of which literally mimics the feel of a cigarette filter tip, helping people transition away from cigarettes.

Moreover, this auto-draw delivers plenty of vapor thanks to its one-ohm coil and practical 2 ml cartridge that’s found in each replaceable pod. Trying out the Vilter Fun will give you an enjoyable vaping experience while giving you the chance to finally break your smoking habit!

Here at Aspire you will find that we have an approximate 50:50 division between our auto draw and button fire e-cigarettes as there is pretty much an equal demand for both. As humans we are all creatures of habit and often the first type of e-cigarette we start with, whether manual or auto draw, this is the type we like to continue with.