Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

The Evolution and Appeal of ASPIRE Clear Atomizers

08. Jun. 2023

When it comes to the recognition of atomizers within Japan, RDA and RTA are often favored by people who enjoy vaping. However, I believe that ASPIRE is actively exploring the potential of clearomizers.

I personally feel that collaborations with several renowned high-end brands have further evolved ASPIRE’s clearomizers. The keyword, I believe, is atomizers that have a visually appealing appearance and are often shared through various social media platforms.

ASPIRE's clearomizers

Initially, clearomizers focused on simplicity and design, often prioritizing functionality. However, this began to change after the release of the Nautilus GT.

While many brands in the clearomizer market offer high-capacity and low-resistance options, ASPIRE provides a wide range of clearomizers that impress MTL (mouth-to-lung) enthusiasts. Among them, the Nautilus series, which I adore, offers a variety of designs and sizes, tempting me to own multiple units to fulfill my desires.

Nautilus GT

Of course, it’s not just about appearances; the clear allure lies in the extensive lineup of exceptional Nautilus coils, featuring both low and high resistance options.

While building coils and wicking cotton oneself is a way to enjoy vaping, having a reliable clearomizer is also invaluable, especially during times when there’s no spare time for such activities (laughs).

The upcoming release of the updated Atlantis has also garnered attention from many vaping enthusiasts, myself included. I’m eagerly anticipating it.

Atlantis GT

While POD and BORO devices have become mainstream in the vaping community as of late, I believe that ASPIRE, with its diverse product range, will continue to prove itself. I hope they will remain committed to the evolution of atomizers.

In particular, I would like to see continuous focus on clearomizers, which anyone can easily start using. It’s important for them to be both simple and enjoyable, as well as user-friendly. I believe ASPIRE already possesses this knowledge.

Furthermore, I believe that future clearomizers will also emphasize aesthetics, paying attention to their appearance.

Written by Nagai Akihito, Original link: https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/vapeaction/