Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

The Aspire Vilter Pro – Best Device To Quit Smoking

10. Apr. 2023


  1. Vape Unboxing
  2. Vape The Elements
  3. Why the Vilter Pro is great if you are trying to quit cigarettes
  4. Conclusion

While I write articles for Aspire, I am also a vaper and consequently it makes a lot of sense for me to actually try out some of the e-cigarettes and mods that Aspire make, beyond the ones I have already used.

So, I thought the Aspire Vilter Pro  would be a good e-cigarette to begin with.


Because it is a great e-cigarette for those of you looking to find one which will help you to quit smoking. I genuinely believe that you won’t find anything more suitable on the market.

Unboxing the Vilter Pro

To begin with, when the Vilter Pro arrived I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging. It immediately tells you that Aspire care about the products they sell. Everything was clearly laid out and there was an excellent instruction booklet for those of you who may be new to vaping.

As I removed the main power bank from the box I was immediately struck by the weight as well as the high-quality finish. Beyond that, I loved the ‘leatherette’ cover – I chose the gold and dark green model. It looks ultra-smart.

Individual elements of the Vilter Pro

When it came to the e-cigarette itself, the replaceable pod slotted into the main body with ease, actually the word ‘glided’ is perhaps more appropriate. The option of the black plastic drip tip or the cigarette filter ‘lookalike’ was a great touch and clearly shows how much thought Aspire put into their e-cigarette designs.

The tank itself was super-easy to fill with no spillage and the silicone bung was easy to remove and put back. The 2ml tank also meant that you won’t have to refill it too often as this is not like a mod where you can expect billowing clouds of vapour.

Both the battery in the e-cigarette and also the power bank came pre-charged, which was a nice touch, and then came my first dilemma, albeit a good one. It is great that the actual e-cigarette comfortably slots into the power bank, but you have two options.

You can slide it into the side and have the two lying flat or standing upright, or you can lay the power bank down on its back and slot the e-cigarette into the power bank at one end, so that the e-cigarette and power bank lie perpendicular to each other.

Either way, the e-cigarette itself will automatically recharge itself, so there is no chance of the battery running flat when you need to use it – this is beyond thoughtful!

Why the Vilter Pro is great if you are trying to quit cigarettes

When it comes to vaping, this is an autodraw e-cigarette, which again perfectly mimics a lit cigarette that you can puff on at will. There is nothing to adjust or fiddle with, you just suck on the drip tip and a good amount of vapour is produced. You should note that the Vilter Pro is classed as a mouth to lung (MTL) e-cigarette as opposed to a direct to lung (DTL) e-cigarette. In other words, just as you would an ordinary cigarette, you draw the ‘smoke’ into your mouth before inhaling.


In many ways I wish I didn’t write articles for Aspire as I would like this article to have been seen as having no bias. What I have written is my own, genuine opinion, so I would simply ask that you put aside any thoughts of bias as I am very confident that you should buy a Vilter Pro, you will have the same opinions of this e-cigarette as I do. You may also find this video  helpful to watch to discover more about the Vilter Pro.