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Pods with Built-in Coils: Balancing Convenience and Choice for Vapers

05. Jun. 2024


The vaping industry is continuously evolving, offering various devices and innovations to enhance the user experience. Among these advancements, pods with built-in coils have gained significant attention. This article delves into what built-in coil pods are, their benefits, how they differ from replaceable-coil pods, and why they might be the right choice for you. We will also highlight some exemplary products from the renowned brand Aspire, such as Flexus Series, Favostix Series, Minican Series, Veynom Air, Cyber Series, Gotek Series, and provide maintenance tips to ensure longevity and optimal performance.


What are Built-in Coil Pods?

Built-in coil pods (also known as fixed-coil pods) are a type of vaping pod where the coil is permanently integrated into the pod. Unlike traditional systems where the coil can be replaced separately, fixed-coil pods require the entire pod to be replaced once the coil reaches the end of its lifespan. This design simplifies the vaping experience, making it more user-friendly and less time-consuming.


Differences between Built-in Coil Pods and Replaceable Coil Pods

The primary difference between built-in coil pods and replaceable coil pods lies in whether the coil can be replaced. Built-in coil pods come with a fixed coil that cannot be changed, necessitating the replacement of the entire pod when the coil is worn out. Built-in coil pods usually have both refillable and prefilled versions available. Replaceable coil pods, on the other hand, allow users to replace the coil and refill the pod with e-liquid, offering more customization but also requiring more maintenance.


Benefits of Built-in Coil Pods

Built-in Coil Pods offer several advantages that appeal to both beginners and experienced vapers:

Ease of Use: Built-in coil pods are generally easier to use and maintain as they eliminate the need for coil changes.
Convenience: The simplicity of replacing the pod without dealing with messy coil changes makes vaping hassle-free.
Consistency: Built-in coil pods deliver consistent performance and flavour since each new pod provides a fresh coil.
Hygiene: Regularly replacing the entire pod can be more hygienic, reducing the buildup of residue and contaminants.
Flavour Customization: You can easily switch flavours whenever you wish if you have spare pods on hand.


Who Should Use Pods with built-in Coil?

Pods with built-in coil are perfect for:

Beginners: Those new to vaping who prefer an uncomplicated device.
Busy Individuals: Vapers who need a quick and easy solution without the need for frequent maintenance.
Travelers: People who require a portable and reliable device.
Casual Vapers: Those who vape occasionally and do not want to deal with the intricacies of coil maintenance.


Examples of Aspire Devices with Built-in Coil Pods

Aspire offers a wide range of built-in coil pods to suit various vaping preferences.


Flexus Pro

Pod Capacity: 3.0 ml / 2.0 ml (TPD)
E-Liquid Filling: Easy Side Fill


Replaceable coil version: AF 0.6Ω (15-18W) / 1.0Ω (12-15W) Meshed Coil
Built-in coil version: 0.6Ω (14-18W) / 1.0Ω (9-11W) Meshed Coil
Airflow: Adjustable side airflow
Battery Capacity: Built-in 1200 mAh
Charging: Type-C
Max Charge Current: 2A
Wattage Range: 5-30W
Screen: 0.54-inch OLED screen


Favostix Mini

E-Liquid Filling: Easy bottom fill
Pod: Built-in Coil, 1.0 Ω Meched coil, 12-15W
Pod Capacity: 3 ml / 2 ml
Battery: Built-in 700 mAh
Charging: Type-C, 1 A


Veynom Air

Pod Capacity: 5.0 ml / 2.0 ml (TPD)
E-liquid Filling: Easy bottom fill
Airflow: Adjustable
Battery Capacity: Built-in 2800 mAh
Wattage Range: 5-80W
Screen: 0.54” OLED screen
Charging: Type-C, 2A
Two Pod Versions Compatible:

Replaceable coil pod:

6 Replaceable BP meshed coils compatible

  • BP Meshed Coil – 0.15Ω (60-80W)
  • BP Meshed Coil – 0.17Ω (45-55W)
  • BP Meshed Coil – 0.3Ω (30-40W)
  • BP Meshed Coil – 0.4Ω (25-35W)
  • BP Coil – 0.6Ω (15-25W)
  • BP Coil – 1.0Ω (10-16W)

Built-in coil pod version: 0.4 / 0.8Ω meshed coil


Cyber G Slim

Pod Capacity: 3.0 ml  / 2.0 ml (TPD)
Pod Coil: Built-in Coil, 1.0Ω / 0.8Ω Meshed coil
Filling: Easy side fill
Battery Capacity: Built-in 1200 mAh
Charging Port: Type-C


 Gotek X II

Gotek X 2

Pod Capacity: 4.5 ml  / 2.0 ml (TPD)
Pod Coil: Built-in Coil, 0.6Ω / 0.8Ω / 1.0Ω Meshed coil
Filling: Easy side fill
Battery Capacity: Built-in 800 mAh
Charging Port: Type-C


Vilter 2

Pod Capacity: 2.0 ml
E-liquid Filling: Easy bottom fill
Coil: Built-in 0.8Ω Meshed Coil
Battery Capacity: 900 mAh
Charging Port: Type-C
Max Charge Current: 1A
Drip Tip: POM & silicone & paper filter drip tips

Check the Aspire website for more examples of devices with built-in coils.


How to Maintain Built-in Coil Pods

Maintaining built-in coil vape pods is straightforward:

Prime Your Pod
Before using a new built-in coil pod for the first time, fill it with e-liquid and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This allows the e-liquid to saturate the coil’s wicking material, preventing dry hits and potential coil damage.

Monitor E-Liquid Levels
To prevent dry hits and potential coil damage, avoid vaping with an empty or near-empty pod. Refill your pod before the e-liquid level drops too low.

Regular Replacement
Replace the pod as soon as you notice a decline in flavour or vapor production to maintain a high-quality vaping experience.

Proper Storage
Store your device and pods in a cool, dry place to prevent leakage and preserve e-liquid quality. Away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Clean the Device
Periodically clean the device’s connection points to ensure optimal performance and avoid any condensation that could affect the connection. 



Built-in pods offer a simplified, user-friendly vaping experience, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of vapers. Whether you are a beginner looking for convenience or an experienced user seeking reliability, built-in coil pods have something to offer. Aspire’s Flexus Pro, Favostix, and Veynom Air, Minican Series, and more are exemplary models that showcase the benefits of this innovative technology. By understanding the nuances and advantages of built-in coil pods, you can make an informed decision and enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.