Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Introducing Revolto: Unleash Your Vape Potential

17. May. 2024

Get ready to revamp your vaping game with the Revolto! Crafted from durable aluminium alloy, this DTL vape device is not just about aesthetics—it’s about power and customization. From its 5-220W adjustable wattage range to the DIY fun of replaceable panels, Revolto puts you in control. With 5 output modes and a vibrant 0.96″ TFT colour screen, navigating your vaping journey has never been smoother. Plus, with its compatibility with external dual 18650 batteries, you can vape with confidence for extended sessions.


Crafted from resilient aluminium alloy, Revolto boasts sleek contours and a refined appearance that instantly captivates. Its interchangeable double-sided panels, which are available for individual purchase, not only elevate its visual allure but also offer a canvas for DIY customization, injecting a sense of personal flair and enjoyment into your vaping setup.


Revolto offers a versatile vaping experience, ranging from gentle draws to voluminous clouds, thanks to its adjustable power ranging from 5 to 220 watts. This flexibility caters to a diverse spectrum of vaping preferences, ensuring satisfaction is not merely an option but a guarantee. Additionally, equipped with compatibility for external dual 18650 batteries, Revolto enables prolonged vaping sessions without compromise. With battery reverse protection in place, vapers can vape with confidence, assured that their device is shielded against potential mishaps.


Revolto ensures an intuitive user experience with its 0.96″ TFT colour screen, providing instant access to crucial data including output power, resistance, voltage, and battery level. Its 33 brightness settings guarantee clarity under any lighting condition, enhancing visibility and usability.

Get ready to revamp your vaping game with the Revolto!


Moreover, safeguard your device with the lock and unlock functions for the fire button, as well as the “+” and “-” buttons. These features effectively prevent unintended activation, offering peace of mind, particularly in households with children, and ensuring the safety and longevity of your vaping device.


Explore the intricacies of Revolto’s advanced technology by delving into its array of 5 output modes: Wattage, Voltage, Bypass, TC, and CPS. Each mode offers a unique vaping experience, allowing you to tailor your sessions to match your specific preferences and desires. With these versatile modes at your disposal, achieving your perfect vaping experience has never been more accessible or enjoyable.


The Huracan Tank, designed to complement the Revolto Mod, crafted from premium stainless steel, it guarantees reliability performance. Compatible with  BP series Coils, it effortlessly caters to your preferences, offering a range of options from intense cloud production to nuanced flavour profiles. Adjust the airflow to your liking, from tight to airy draws. The tank includes a chic TPU protective cap for style and protection. Its screw-to-open top refill system ensures simple, leak-proof refills, enhancing your vaping experience. With a replaceable tank tube, it provides versatility and cost-effectiveness, keeping you ready for any occasion.


Discover the vibrant spectrum of colours available with Revolto, from the striking allure of Full Chrome and Red Black, to the captivating hues of Copper Black, Purple Rainbow, Pink Chrome, and Blue Chrome. Embrace the sophisticated charm of Black Gold, or opt for the timeless elegance of Full Black. With Revolto, there’s a colour option to complement every style preference, whether you seek a bold statement or a subtle touch of sophistication.


Key features of the Revolto Mod include:

– Designed for DTL vaping style
– External dual 18650 batteries compatible
– Adjustable wattage up to 220W
– 0.96″ TFT colour screen
– Optional wattage, voltage, Bypass, TC, and CPS output modes
– Lock and unlock functions for the fire button, as well as the “+” and “-” buttons
– Easy-to-operate power switch
– Replaceable panels for DIY fun


Key features of the Huracan Tank include:

– Compatible with BP series coils
– Replaceable Tank Tube, empowering users with versatility and cost-effectiveness
– Screw-to-open top fill with leak-proof design
– Adjustable top airflow for tailored vaping experience

Huracan Tank


Revolto Kit Specifications:

Kit Dimensions: 141.6 * 53.7 * 27 mm


Huracan Tank Specifications

810 Replaceable Drip Tip
Tank Capacity: 6.0 ml / 2.0 ml (TPD)
E-liquid Filling: Screw-to-open top fill
Airflow: Rotate to adjust airflow
Compatible Coils:

  • BP Pro Meshed Coil – 0.15Ω (80-100W)
  • BP Meshed Coil – 0.15Ω (60-80W)
  • BP Meshed Coil – 0.17Ω (45-55W)
  • BP Meshed Coil – 0.3Ω (30-40W)

Dimensions (including drip tip): φ26*52.2 mm


Revolto Mod Specifications

Battery Capacity: External dual 18650 batteries
Output Modes: WATT / VOLTAGE / BYPASS / TC / CPS
Output Wattage Range: 5-220W
Output Voltage Range: 0.50-9V
Adjustable Temperature Range: 200-600℉ / 100-315℃
Recommended Resistance: 0.08-3.5Ω
Continuous Fire Time: 10s
Screen: 0.96” TFT color screen
Charging Port: Type-C
Max Charge Current: 2A
Mod Dimensions: 89.7 * 53.7 * 27 mm


Package Contents:

1 * Revolto Mod
1 * Huracan Tank
1 * BP Meshed Coil 0.3Ω (preinstalled)
1 * BP Meshed Coil 0.17Ω
1 * TPU Protective Cap
1 * Spare Glass Tube (TPD version not included)
1 * O-rings Pack
1 * Type-C Cable
1 * User Manual

Package Contents


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