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Breaking Down the Law: Can You Use E-Cigarettes Where Smoking is Prohibited?

08. Mar. 2023

Are you confused about where you can and can’t use your e-cigarette?

If you’re not sure of the law when it comes to vaping, you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we’ll be breaking down the rules and regulations surrounding vaping in public places – so that all of your questions about using e-cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited will be answered!

A Look at Vaping Laws Around the World & Their Implications

Vaping laws across the globe are a real patchwork quilt. The use of e-cigarettes is restricted in some areas, while banned in others.


There are also differences in what types of devices and flavors can be sold and used.

Source: Smoke-free.ca

Whether vaping is welcomed or frowned upon depends on where you live – making it essential to know what’s allowed when traveling.

United States

From coast to coast, the vaping laws in the US can vary significantly.

Source: CDC

Some states don’t allow minors to purchase e-cigarettes or restrict specific flavors, while others have put a stop to indoor vaping and even prohibit the use of these devices in public spots.
No matter where you go, it’s important to be mindful of your local regulation.



Traveling through Europe, it’s evident there is a blend of disparate regulations regarding e-cigarettes.

The UK has implemented limitations on the sale to minors, promotions, and flavorings.
Whereas in France the prohibition applies to any minor hoping to purchase e-cigarettes.
Lastly in Germany, these restrictions mirror those for standard cigarettes alike. All of these countries indicate a different yet unified stance on the matter.


In Asia, laws concerning e-cigarettes are a kaleidoscope of colorful regulations.

China has categorically prohibited their sale, while Japan looks at them from a medico-legal point of view.

Meanwhile, Singapore took the drastic step to ban it altogether – be aware if you’re an avid vaper.

It’s important for you to know the rules about vaping and e-cig use both at home and abroad.

Different countries have different regulations on nicotine strength levels – some won’t even let you vape with any nicotine in your e-liquid – and whether or not CBD (from the cannabis plant) is allowed. Brittany Greiner’s case in Russia serves as a cautionary tale of what can happen when you don’t know the law.

Before traveling, be sure to check up on vape laws; doing so could save you a lot of trouble later.