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Best 5 Hassle-Free Manual or Button Fire Aspire Kits

09. Mar. 2023


  1. Flexus Stik
  2. Rhea X
  3. Zelos X
  4. Cloudflask S
  5. Nautilus Prime

There are various terms used to describe the type of e-cigarette that requires you to depress a button each time you want to vape – a ‘button fire’, ‘button draw’, button activated’, or just plain ‘manual’ e-cigarette.

Advantages of Manual or Button Fire e-cigarettes

The need for a button is quite simple and that is to complete the connection between the battery and the coil in order to then heat up the e-liquid in the tank that is drawn over the coil, turning it into the vapor you inhale. To understand more clearly the difference between a manual e-cigarette and an auto-draw e-cigarette, you might like to read one of our other articles titled: Auto-draw vs Manual e-Cigarette: An Explanation of How It Works.

Unlike auto-draw e-cigarettes, Button fire e-cigarettes provide an added safety measure. It’s activated by rapidly depressing the fire button a set amount of times, usually five. This ensures that while stored in your pockets or packed away, the coil is not accidentally fired up and wasted. With this important precaution implemented, you can enjoy your favorite vaping device with peace of mind!

Button fire e-cigarettes feature a convenient button on the side or bottom to make your vaping experience easier. On the underside of the device, users can press down with their thumb or index finger for a smooth, effortless puff. This method gives you more control and is less likely to be activated accidentally. Plus, it has become increasingly popular among vapers due to its improved design. For your convenience, choose a button-fire e-cigarette!

1.Flexus Stik

Flexus Stik From Tonycarbe's Review

Always keen to be at the cutting edge of new designs for e-cigarettes, Aspire is one of the first to offer an e-cigarette with a bottom firing button, the Flexus Stik and to be even more innovative, this particular model can also be used as an auto draw e-cigarette, similar to the Cyber G e-cigarette. Beyond this, the Flexus Stik has an adjustable airflow and adjustable power, attractively displayed as either a red, green, or blue LED halo around the base of the e-cigarette.

2.Rhea X

Aspire Rhea X

The Rhea X is an advanced e-cigarette designed for experienced vapers who love producing thick vapor clouds. This device is outfitted with a powerful 18650 battery and regulable voltage between 0.5 to 9V. Plus, you can choose between two coils — 0.15Ω or 0.30Ω — for the ultimate vaping experience!

You’ll be blown away by how much vapor this device is capable of generating. To understand more about the resistance of coils in relation to the amount of vapor produced, you can also read about this in our article: Auto-draw vs Manual e-Cigarette: An Explanation of How It Works.

3.Zelos X

Aspire Zelos X

The Zelos range of e-cigarettes is all manually operated, and the Zelos X (4) is one of Aspire’s bestsellers. Asides from its obvious stylish looks and high-quality finish, this e-cigarette ‘kit’ provides the ultimate mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping experience.

The e-cigarette itself comes with either a 2ml or 3ml tank depending on what is allowed in the country where you live (e.g., the rules of the TPD (the European Tobacco Products Directive) while there is a powerful 18650 battery.

There is a choice of either a 0.3Ω or 1.0Ω coil in the kit depending on how much vapor you like, with other resistances available. The volume of vapor can be additionally regulated by adjusting the power (0.5V – 8.4V) to one of five different levels, or you can adjust the intake airflow of the Nautilus tank which has seven different flow rates.

Because of the ability to adjust the power, all the Zelos range of e-cigarettes are equipped with a brightness-adjustable LED display that can display such levels for voltage, wattage, the temperature of the coil, etc.

4.Cloudflask S

Aspire Cloudflask S

As the name Cloudflask implies, the Cloudflask range of mods is designed for those of you who like to create a lasting impression, as well as massive clouds of vapor. Featuring a double-sided airflow inlet system on the Cloudflask S and an ultra-powerful 2000mAh battery, you’ll be creating more vapor than any British weather forecast. Even better, you’ll be able to regulate the airflow for an improved direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping experience too.

This is a real chunk of a mod, weighing in at a sturdy 100.2g with a stunning, machined aluminum casing which you can provide protection for with the included sleeve. The whole mod measures 95.8×41.3×22.3 mm and comes in an impressive range of eye-catching colors.

The Cloudflask range of mods offers an impressive selection to help you achieve remarkable results. From enhanced cloud production to improved flavor, these mods provide a range of solutions that won’t disappoint.

5.Nautilus Prime

Aspire Nautilus Prime

The Nautilus Prime is a quality DTL vaping ‘mod’ which incorporates the Nautilus tank (either 3.4 or 2ml) and either a 0.7Ω mesh coil or a 1.8Ω BVC coil. Once you add a 2000 mAh battery into the mix you’re almost there.

However, this is an e-cigarette renowned for getting the maximum flavor out of e-juices. It does so through a dual combination of both a regulable airflow passage and also a regulable airflow control ring, together with the ability to control the power traveling from the battery to the coil.

What we have discovered at Aspire is that you each have your own preference when it comes to either an auto-draw e-cigarette or a manual one, and it is our responsibility to provide you with as broad a range as possible of high-quality e-cigarettes and it also helps to explain why we have also developed a couple of e-cigarettes ‘hybrids’ which can be either auto draw, manual or both!