Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Vaping Bogan’s Insightful Review of Aspire’s Proteus Neo

15. Jan. 2024


Aspire values the voice of the vaping community, especially when it comes from influential figures like Vaping Bogan. With a following of 185k fans, his opinions carry weight and offer us unique insights. His recent review of our Proteus Neo e-shisha sample provides an honest and in-depth perspective that we’re excited to delve into.

Vaping Bogan’s Review Highlights

Vaping Bogan, known for his straightforward and engaging style, took a deep dive into the features and performance of the Proteus Neo. His review covered several key aspects:

Design and Functionality: He noted the device’s compatibility with standard shisha units, its impressive 5700 milliamp-hour battery, and the 25 ml tank with a sub-ohm coil. The airflow control and USB-C charging were also points of interest.

5700 mAh of Aspire Proteus Neo

Authentic Shisha Experience: Vaping Bogan was impressed by how well the Proteus Neo mimicked traditional shisha smoking, providing a smooth, water-filtered vapor that he found comparable to the real thing.

Aspire Proteus Neo

Healthier Alternative: He highlighted the health risks associated with traditional shisha smoking and appreciated the Proteus Neo as a safer option, especially considering its popularity in certain cultures.

Aspire Proteus Neo popularity in certain cultures

Constructive Feedback

  • Leakage Issue: Vaping Bogan experienced some leakage when the device was not used for a while. This honest feedback is invaluable to us for making necessary improvements.
  • Coil Quantity: He pointed out that including only one coil in the package might not be sufficient, a suggestion we are taking seriously.

Pricing and Value

Vaping Bogan considered the Proteus Neo’s price to be fair, given its unique features and substantial battery capacity.


We are grateful for Vaping Bogan’s thorough review. His insights are not only valuable to his audience but also to us as a brand committed to continuous improvement. The feedback from such a prominent figure in the vaping community helps us better understand user expectations and market needs.

Engagement and Future Plans

We encourage our community to engage with reviews like Vaping Bogan’s and share their thoughts. Your feedback drives our innovation and helps us refine our products to better suit your needs.

Thank you, Vaping Bogan, and the entire vaping community, for your continued support and valuable insights.

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