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Aspire Vape Reviews: What Users Are Saying

23. Dec. 2023

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, finding a trusted brand is paramount for a satisfying experience. Established in 2013, Aspire is a global leading vaporizer brand with over ten years of manufacturing, and R&D experience. Aspire has integrated R&D, manufacturing, marketing, with years of experience to bring many technological breakthroughs to the industry. Aspire has consistently developed industry changing products that outshine and outperform beyond our expectations.

Aspire stands at the forefront of the vaping industry, offering an extensive product line that caters to the diverse preferences of users. Their commitment to sleek designs, advanced features, and meticulous craftsmanship has solidified their reputation as a leader in the market.

Among the Aspire products, there are the Nautilus series and the Atlantis series that lead the vaping industry to the next generation. The Nautilus series, a cornerstone of Aspire’s product offerings, has set a new standard in vaping technology. Renowned for its innovation, this series boasts cutting-edge atomizers that redefine the vaping experience. Aspire’s Atlantis series represents a leap into the next generation of vaping. Atomizers within this series provide users with massive flavor and cloud production. The Atlantis series caters to both cloud chasers and seasoned enthusiasts.

Also, there are the Flexus series, the Minican series and the Gotek series meet the current demand of users of this generation. The Flexus series is a testament to Aspire’s commitment to meeting the evolving demands of today’s users. With a focus on pureness and flavor, this series caters to the dynamic needs of the modern vaping community. In response to the growing popularity of compact and portable vaping devices, Aspire introduced the Minican series. These palm-sized devices offer a satisfying vaping experience in a pocket-friendly design at an affordable price. With the release of the Gotek series, Aspire offers you an easy transition from disposable vapes to open systems, answering the call to protect the environment and reduce pollution.

Nowadays, Aspire has won numerous prizes for memorizing what we made to the industry and the vapers. After years of successfully changing millions of lives by providing smokers with a better alternative to help them switch to a healthier lifestyle, Aspire has earned its reputation and countless fans in the vaping community.

Here are some sincere reviews of our new products from professional reviewers all over the world:

Raga AIO (Boro Kit):

“It’s almost like opening an old-school Apple product. It has just done well and what’s included with it is the tool… just a 10 out of 10. Really really well done, very impressive.” – Todds Review, United Kingdom

“I got to say that the Raga AIO from Aspire is a pretty impressive stuff. This is definitely a real step up in terms of design and it’s a beautiful and really well done device. It is definitely sort of inspiration from some of those European kinds of boro mods out there. But they’ve done a nice job of integrating some of those designs into their own thing. It’s a really pretty little boro mod. The nylon material they’ve used looks really high quality. It’s like a non-mainstream European quality well-machined product. The finish of the nylon, it’s beautiful. So as the aluminium part. Aspire has implemented it there very nicely.  I like the customizability of the mod…”- Vaping Bogan, Australia


Gotek Pro (Pod System):

“I was impressed by the feeling of moderate weight, the fast switch response. And I have no complaints about taste and mist concentration. What’s more, it can also be used as a disposable POD!”- YUU from JVT, Japan

“The pod has a 4.5 ml liquid capacity, it’s a huge capacity of liquid. What’s more, there is even a prefilled pod version available in 5 ml. It looks like an MTL device, but if you fully open the airflow control, you can have more vapor and don’t even mention the flavor that it could bring to you.”- Sacha Il Bove Show, Italy


Gotek X  (Pod System):

“The new pod they provide in this kit is really good. The vapor production is good, it starts up well and the taste is really rich. The design of the product is pretty stylish, too. It has a rugged feel and it’s fashionable. And the color they offered is really great. Also, they improve the battery life compared to the previous device. They keep the compatibility of the Gotek series. It’s easy to check the liquid level of your pod and it’s at a reasonable price.”- こーへい by ホリック TV / HORICK TV, Japan

“I certainly think this device can close the Gotek series, which undoubtedly represents one of the best products in this range. As for the Gotek X II, we have a design that combines a bit of what was seen in previous models, the zinc alloy part and the PCTG plastic part, you can glimpse the battery and circuits. Certainly, an important difference compared to the Gotek X and the Gotek S is the battery, 800 mAh is a step forward compared to the 650 mAh before, and let’s not forget the type C charging at 1 A, whereas before it was slower. In short, a well-maintained, well-made, well-finished product, where there are small but important improvements.”- Amarcord Channel, Italy


BP Stik (Pod System):

“It has literally lived in my shirt pocket ever since then I’ve been using it non-stop… The thing is that it actually performs really well. This has done the job all the way. The 0.15Ω coil is phenomenally great. A long-lasting coil, it lasted me about 2 and a half weeks consistently using it day in and day out. It was may main hitter for the entire time. Lots of flavor, lots of punch, lots of output in terms of an entry-level kit. Simple, no-brainer really to use that provides a pretty good direct-to-lung sort of experience. It’s been very nice. I have absolutely no hesitations wrecking recommending this to anyone who’s into that sort of vape” – Legions Lair, Australia


Veynom LX (Pod Mod):

“There’s that zingy Aspire flavor. This is what I’ve liked about Aspire coils. They’re really good with fruits. These coils are phenomenally good. The BP coil range has always been good. Aspire has been always good at coil housing. If you’re still using an old BP-compatible tank/pod, it doesn’t matter what changes inside, the outside housing is still the same. And Aspire has been doing that for a long time now. A classic example is the Nautilus coils, the original Nautilus coil shape hasn’t really changed but what has changed several times now is the internal workings of how that coil actually performs. That’s why I’ve always liked Aspire. They upgraded the existing coil housing but they leave the housing as is that way older customers who are still using older BP-compatible tanks/pods can keep using those items without having and rush out and buy a new tank modern set of coils.”- Vaping With Vic, United Kingdom


Flexus AIO (Pod Mod):

“I was struck by the design in the sense that the box basically I liked. Aesthetically, it’s an absolutely simple product… In conclusion, it is a really good, very cost-effective. It charges fast, easy to be fill up and it has a big battery capacity. ”- Danielino77, Italy


Proteus Neo (E-hookah Head):

“I think this product is easy to use and it has the best performing that I’ve had. It’s cloudy. It’s really reasonable for you to get such a unique product at that price. And for the battery life, it’s also a fair deal.”- Vaping Bogan, Australia

“The Proteus Neo has a great coil, great airflow design and it is so easy to use, user friendly of course. I was very much impressed to see the vapor production, style and airflow setting.”- weedoocity, Pakistan


Flexus Peak (Pod System):

“Aspire is one of the best vape companies on the market. The product packs an insane punch, I’m shocked, I’m surprised. It is just a small little device, and it hits me like a truck. This is awesome, I love this. This is probably one of the hardest hitting pod systems I’ve tried in my life. It’s incredibly smooth, very tasty, no leak at all. It’s absolutely amazing. I definitely recommend people who currently smoke  cigarettes or disposables to use it.” – Liams Ghost, Canada

“In terms of the design, it is a very small, compact device. It fits well in the hand and it’s really lightweight… It’s a pretty good device for beginners and also it’s a good second device for experienced vapers. The pod is held by magnetic and it’s held really well.  The filling is simple as well. The appearance of the device is pleasant and you will have LED lights to tell you the current battery level in both front and back. It is a device that I will definitely recommend people to use. It’s simple, it doesn’t take up too much space, and it’s lightweight. I got to say, the battery life is big, and it charges fast.” – LA CRYPTE DE LA VAPE, France


Cyber S& Cyber X (Pod System):

“In terms of vaping, it vapes fantastic, very flavorful. In fact, in my opinion, it is one of the most flavorful refillable pod systems out there, both pods. In terms of performance, it even wipes rather consistent, too.” – DJLsb Vapes, the United States


Cyber X (Pod System):

“I like the design of it. I like that the way they did the front and back panels. The output feels great, to tell you the truth, you don’t really need adjustable wattage for this device. It vapes perfectly in my opinion for the power to the coil. 1000 mAh for this is definitely a pro. I like to hold it in my hands, the feel on my thumb and index finger is nice… All in all, I think they did a pretty good job with this. I like the aesthetic, I like the way it looks and also I like the way it vapes. A huge pro for the possibility to choose the activation modes.” – Mike Vapes, the United States

This article cannot fully explain what those reviewers think about the Aspire products. Sure, there are some professional reviewers that are not on this blog. However, we still respect and appreciate all reviewers who have done reviews for our product. Each point they mentioned has been collected and reported to our product department for improving the future products.

Besides, we also received a lot of feedback from the users. Some of them talked about which product they are using currently, some of them talked about what they like the most or the least about the Aspire products, and some of them gave us sincere advice to improve the products.

We believe it’s not a good product unless it meets the demands of users. So, we hear the voice from all over the world and keep innovating to make better products.

Here, we must appreciate everyone who has sent feedback to us, no matter if it’s positive or negative, that feedback is the key point that keeps pushing us to innovate and make more high-quality products. Through that feedback, we can truly understand what the customers want and what they need for the next-level vaping.

As always, Aspire will never be complacent with what we have achieved so far but set our vision to continuously expand our reach to help more smokers. So we are always willing to listen to the opinions of our customers and users, whether are good or not, we appreciate hearing real feedback from the users and improving it.

No matter what you like or what you want from Aspire, we’re always glad to hear. If you have problems with Aspire products, you’re always welcome to contact service@aspirecigs.com to share your sincere thoughts and we will always be grateful to help our users to solve their problems.

Let’s live in a better world of vaping and stay smoke-free with the Aspire products.