Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Aspire Rewrites the Rules of Design with Innovative Cyber Series

13. Dec. 2022

Aspire unveiled the Aspire Cyber Series today. As one of the most highly anticipated vape series of 2022, the Cyber Series offers not just outstanding performance and stylish design, but delivers optimum flavor in each puff. The Cyber Series encompasses 3 devices: Cyber S, Cyber X and Cyber G. Designed with the industry’s most advanced process technology, the latest Cyber vape devices redefine what’s possible in the trendy MTL and RDTL vapes to better suit your needs.

Cyber Series

In the past 10 years, Aspire has always been committed to creating value for consumers through innovation. Many revolutionary breakthroughs have been made in performance and design.The Cyber Series will change vapers’ expectations by ingeniously combining Cyber elements with premium materials to create devices that exude coolness. And puts futuristic transparent body into sleek and portable design, you’ll enjoy exceptional performance and style you’d expect from next-generation vapes.

Cyber Series-4

Appearance is only part of the story, Cyber Series is praiseworthy for its remarkable adjustable 3 activation modes as well as its impressive indicator light design. Also, it is perfectly compatible with the included 1Ω&0.8Ω Mesh coils to retain the original flavor of different concentrations of nic salts. Featuring a milisecond firing response mechanism that helps make every puff feel like the best one yet.

Cyber Series-Cyber S

Common features of the Cyber S, Cyber X and Cyber G include:

  • Puts futuristic transparent element into sleek and portable design.
  • Designed for MTL & RDTL.
  • Supports Type-C quick charging.
  • Considerate 3 activation modes.

Cyber Series-2

Different features of the Cyber S, Cyber X and Cyber G include:

  • The airflow of Cyber S and Cyber X can be adjusted by changing the direction of pod insertion, the Cyber G can not.
  • The battery capacity of the 3 products is different.
  • The charging current is of Cyber S&Cyber X is 2A, Cyber G is 1A.

Cyber Series-1

Embodying futuristic design, powerful performance, extraordinary firing response capability and top-notch charging speed, the new Cyber Series is perfect choice for vapers pursuing ultimate vaping life.

For more information, please visit:

  1. Cyber-Shttps://www.aspirecig.com/cyber-series/cyber-s/
  2. Cyber-Xhttps://www.aspirecig.com/cyber-series/cyber-x/
  3. Cyber-Ghttps://www.aspirecig.com/cyber-series/cyber-g/