Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Aspire Unveils Aspire Flexus Fit, Commits to Creating the Ultimate Vaping Experience

09. Oct. 2022

Aspire unveils the new member of Flexus Series family on October 20, 2022—Flexus Fit. The Flexus Series encompasses 4 devices: Flexus Blok, Flexus Stik, Flexus Q and Flexus Fit. The premium aesthetics, innovative technology and intelligence are engrained in the DNA of the Flexus Series, and the latest iteration exemplifies that heritage. The Flexus Fit is once again raising the bar for what a MTL and RDTL vape device can do, proving that even stylish and cost-effective vapes can provide a top-notch vaping experience.

As a new mainstream MTL and RDTL vape device, the all-new Flexus Fit epitomizes Aspire’s classic design and craftsmanship, seamlessly integrates visually striking double-colored injection molding materials within a compact pod-sized structure for comfortable grip as well as visual enjoyment. Meanwhile, a durable 850 mAh battery is built in Flexus Fit body, combined with an ample 3.5 ml e-liquid capacity and double-sided airflow intake system, fulfilling the demand for daily use or several days trip with ultra-smooth vaping experience. Moreover, the coil can be replaced, the pre-installed AF 0.6Ω mesh coil is made for intensive clouds chasers, while the another compatible AF 1.0Ω coil is a good match for different e-liquids especially nic salt.

Aspire’s classic vape devices have always come with various color options, and the Flexus Fit is no different. Available in White, Purple, Pink, Blue and Yellow, just treat your Flexus Fit like a personal style signature, by choosing the color that best represents yourself.

Key features of the Flexus Fit include:

. A perfect balance between flavor and clouds.

. Designed for MTL and RDTL.

. Compatible with AF coils.

. Adopts double-colored injection molding materials.

. Built-in 850 mAh battery for long-lasting use.

. Adopts Type-C, 1A quick charging.

. Dual airflow intake inlets, ultra-smooth vaping experience.

If the launch of new features have you considering picking up a Flexus Fit, you can learn more in our full review right here.