Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Eco Vape and Aspire Partner to Meet Disposable Vape Customer Demands in the UK

03. Sep. 2022

In the face of consumer demand for higher capacity disposable devices, two stalwarts of the vaping industry (Eco Vape Ltd and Aspire) have partnered to meet the demands of the customer by listing the UK’s first Hybrid Disposable product – the BEAR  +  Aspire R1 Hybrid Device – capable of more than 3500 puffs!

Aspire R1

Coupling the best nicotine salt range of e-liquids with the best device (and coil) in the business is a match made in heaven for the consumer. The BEAR + Aspire R1 provides the customer with the outstanding flavours they need (over 24 flavours from the Eco Vape BEAR Flavors range), with an exceptional rechargeable device, the Aspire R1.

bear & aspire r1

No longer is the vaper limited to ‘600 puffs’ or driven to purchase illegal and untested 3500 puff devices. Now, they can vape-tested and proven flavours on a device that brings out the flavour notes of each e-liquid, providing a vaping unrivalled experience so that they will never need to return to a substandard single-use disposable vape again.

bear & aspire r1

Listed as ‘submitted notified’ on the MHRA ecig website on 24 August 2022 and launching into 927 forecourt garages in September 2022, the BEAR  +  Aspire R1  is on track to upend the entire vape market and steal the thunder from the current disposable market leaders, while also providing a significantly reduced impact on the environment.

aspire R1

Disposable vape products are a huge success story for millions of people who have previously struggled to switch from cigarettes to the 95% safer alternative of vaping1. Convenience and simplicity have demystified vaping and recent retail data has shown that the top ten products have sold over 20 million units (through registered tills) in the last twelve-week reporting period alone, with an average retail price of £6.14 per unit for an estimated 600 ‘Puffs’.

At just over 1p per claimed ‘Puff’, disposable vape products are expensive and pose an environmental risk, particularly when compared with the innovative solution offered by the partnership of Eco Vape and Aspire the BEAR + Aspire R1.

bear & aspire r1

Aspire is world renowned for the manufacturing of the best vape coils and devices in the industry and sells millions of their outstanding products each week worldwide. We are the ‘Apple’ of the vaping world and are the benchmark for which our competitors ‘aspire’ to reach.

Eco Vape Ltd are a leading manufacturer of e-liquids in the UK, producing millions of bottles of high-quality British-made vape products in their ISO 9001:2015 accredited 65,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility for 1000’s of businesses and customers.

Compliance and quality are at the very top of the list for both companies who each use the excellent services of Arcus Compliance Ltd to ensure their products meet the exacting standards of UK regulations2, providing the consumer and retailer alike with 100% confidence in the product.

I cannot express enough how excited the team at Eco Vape are about this partnership and launch of the ‘BEAR + Aspire R1 Hybrid Device’. We have been working hand in glove for nearly two months with Aspire fine-tuning the e-liquid to produce what will be a game-changing product in the industry. The aspire team have been the epitome of professionalism and it is our pleasure to work with them” Robert Sidebottom the Group Managing Director

Working with Robert and the team has been a delight, their vision for the future of vaping is perfectly aligned with ours and we look forward to the success of the ‘BEAR + aspire R1’ and the many benefits if will provide millions of vapers in the UK and beyond.” Shay Kastro, Global BD & Marketing Director, Aspire – Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co., Ltd.