Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Aspire Nexi Wins Innovation Award, Featuring All Tobacco Flavours with Magnetic Charging Device

10. Apr. 2024

Nexi One, also named Nexi, designed by Aspire, stands at the forefront of vaping technology with its innovative Magnetic Pin Charging system. This classic-designed device, featuring a range of tobacco flavours, has received significant acclaim, earning the “Best Pod Vape” award from VapingPost and an “Best Innovation” award at the VAPEXPO exhibition in France.

Nexi one

In January of this year, Nexi was honored with the “Best Pod Vape” award by VapingPost, demonstrating its outstanding performance and widespread recognition within the industry.

During the recent VAPEXPO FRANCE event, Nexi made a strong impact, capturing the attention and admiration of attendees and ultimately securing the Innovation Award. Vapers enthusiastically embraced this groundbreaking product, showering it with accolades and praise from both attendees and industry representatives on site.


The recognition bestowed upon Nexi is far from coincidental, it is the culmination of Aspire’s years-long focus on user need & experience and commitment to technological innovation. Let’s take a look at some of the most recognized benefits of Nexi that repeatedly emphasized by vapers.

【About Nexi

New Concept in Vape Appearance

In response to the demand from adult vapers seeking a cigarette-like taste and appearance to aid in quitting smoking, the Nexi device features a retro-inspired design tailored to replicate tobacco flavours and inhalation experiences. Its size and shape are reminiscent of a cigarette, providing a comfortable and discreet vaping experience. The colour and texture of the Nexi Device simulate the appearance of a traditional cigarette, enhancing the transition for former smokers.

Each Nexi undergoes rigorous quality inspections to meet high standards and ensure compliance with regulations in various countries. We strictly adhere to guidelines that prohibit marketing to minors and prioritize responsible vaping practices.

Nexi one

Authentic Preservation of Traditional Inhale Habit

Nexi is designed to recreate the inhaling habits associated with adult individuals transitioning from smoking to vaping, providing a familiar experience for former smokers. It’s easy to use—simply remove the pod and insert it into the device, take a puff, and enjoy the clouds.

Nexi is designed to recreate the inhaling habits

All Tobacco Flavours to Meet Personalized Needs

The exclusive pod capacity of Nexi is 1.2 mL, with a coil resistance of 1.6Ω. This series offers dozens of tobacco flavours and multiple nicotine concentrations (12 mg/mL, 20 mg/mL, 50 mg/mL) to choose from, with each flavour complying with regulations on nicotine content, e-liquid ingredients, and other aspects in different countries. The design of the entire range of tobacco flavours aims to minimize the product’s attractiveness to minors while providing thoughtful smoking cessation options for smokers. Replacement users can freely choose products that suit their personal tastes and nicotine needs.

All Tobacco Flavours to Meet Personalized Needs

Innovative Magnetic Pin Charging Technology

The Nexi device utilizes Magnetic Pin Charging Technology. Effortlessly slide your Nexi device into the power bank and enjoy the convenience of cable-free charging. Additionally, the Nexi PB can be conveniently recharged using a Type-C cable and has the power to recharge your 60 mAh Nexi device, keeping you fully charged and ready for vaping.

Auto-draw Activation & Milisecond Firing Speed

Simply inhale and let the Nexi do the rest, Nexi equipped with a remarkably rapid millisecond-level firing response time assuring immediate and effective activation the moment you inhale. providing a seamless and gratifying vaping experience effortlessly. Embrace the convenience and user-friendliness that Nexi provides, enabling vapers to concentrate on what genuinely counts without waiting.


For further information on Nexi, please visit the Nexi Product Detail Page.

Nexi is currently selling well and highly popular among consumers in several countries, including France, Italy, UK, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more.

Looking ahead, Aspire will continue to focus on user needs and industry technological barriers, actively fulfilling our role as an industry leader by delivering more convenient and powerful products for all vapers. Aspire encourages more people to join our official club at Aspire Fans Club to share your needs and product suggestions. We value your voices and will provide feedback.