Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Introducing Minican 4: A Compact Marvel for a Tailored Vaping Journey [2024]

08. Jan. 2024

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of vaping with the Minican 4 – a true masterpiece that seamlessly marries elegance with cutting-edge technology. This singular device encapsulates innovation, style, and practicality, promising a vaping experience beyond compare. Join us as we explore the exceptional features that make the Minican 4 the discerning choice for enthusiasts seeking unparalleled satisfaction.

Aspire Minican 4 – a true masterpiece that seamlessly marries elegance with cutting-edge technology

The Minican 4 boasts a meticulously designed compact chassis, epitomizing portability. Constructed from advanced lightweight materials, this vaping marvel effortlessly accompanies you throughout your day. The ingenious non-slip design goes beyond aesthetics, delivering a secure and comfortable grip, transforming your vaping moments into an extraordinary experience that defies the ordinary.

Aspire Minican 4 - comfortable grip

The Minican 4 Device is compatible with all current Minican pods. Choose between the standard top-refilling Minican pod or the TPD version’s bottom-filling option – both meticulously designed for vaper convenience. Effortless refilling and leak-proof vaping guarantee a hassle-free experience every time. At the pod of the Minican 4 lies a specialized 0.8Ω meshed coil, crafted with precision for peak efficiency. This coil not only delivers an unprecedented level of flavour production but also guarantees a consistent taste from the initial puff to the final exhale.

Aspire Minican 4 Device is compatible with all current Minican pods

The Minican 4 is fortified with a robust 700 mAh battery and a user-friendly Type-C charging system. This strategic combination not only guarantees extended vaping pleasure but also minimizes the necessity for frequent recharges. The incorporation of cutting-edge battery technology further solidifies the Minican 4’s commitment to an uninterrupted vaping journey, allowing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in their favourite flavours without any concerns about battery life.

Aspire Minican 4 – 700 mAh battery

The Minican 4 features an adjustable side airflow system that empowers vapers to tailor their vaping encounters. A simple adjustment of the slider allows precise control over the air entering the coil, catering to both tight MTL draws and expansive RDTL inhales. Furthermore, the device incorporates an adjustable 3 constant voltage levels system, ensuring personalized and nuanced control over the entire vaping experience.

Aspire minican 4 - the air entering the coil.jpg

Discover your unique expression with the Minican 4’s enchanting palette, offering a range of 8 timeless colours: White, Yellow, Green, Red, Black, Aqua Blue, Orange, and Pink. With every exhale, your Minican 4 becomes a canvas, reflecting your individuality and showcasing your distinctive style through a captivating burst of colour.

Aspire Minican 4 - offering a range of 8 timeless colours

In a world brimming with options, the Minican 4 stands out as a compact marvel, offering a tailored and deeply satisfying vaping journey for enthusiasts worldwide. Elevate your vaping experience with the perfect blend of elegance, innovation, and style.


107.22915.6 mm (Standard version)
102.62915.6 mm (TPD version)Pod Capacity:
3.0 ml / 2.0 ml (TPD)Airflow:Adjustable side airflowE-liquid Filling:
Top filling (Standard version)
Bottom filling (TPD version)Coil: Non-replaceable 0.8Ω meshed coilBattery Capacity: Built-in 700 mAhActivation: Auto-draw

Output: Adjustable 3 constant voltage levels

Charging Port: Type-C

Max Charge Current: 1A

Compatible with Minican series devices
Compatible with Minican series pods

Aspire Minican 4


Standard Version

1 * Minican 4 Device

1 * Minican Pod 0.8Ω (3.0 ml, top-filling version)

1 * Type-C Cable

1 * User Manual

Aspire Minican 4 Standard Version
TPD Version:

1 * Minican 4 Device

1 * Minican Pod 0.8Ω (2.0 ml, bottom-filling version)

1 * Type-C Cable

1 * User Manual

Aspire Minican 4 TPD Version

For more information, please visit: Aspire Minican 4 Product Detail