Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Aspire France unveiled brand-new trendy products during the football match at Velodrome Station

07. May. 2022

FRANCE– May 7, 2022 – At an exclusive launch event held today at the Velodrome Station , Aspire France, Aspire ‘s largest French distributor, today unveiled the much-anticipated trendy product Riil X , Flexus & Vilter series vapes.

To better understand the vape experience, Aspire France gathered vape dealers across France at Velodrome Station to share the joy of football and gain an in-depth understanding of these new flagship vape products.

Aspire sets new expectations for wireless charging vape device with the launch of the Vilter series .

The Vilter series includes Vilter / Vilter S / Vilter PB / Vilter Pro. As Aspire’s flagship products, Vilter series is proof that even small things can make the biggest statements.

Need a hassle-free charge? Thanks to the Magnetic Wireless Charging Case! Lay it down, charge it up, just like magic.


Key features of the Vilter series include:

. Small in size. Big in performance.

. Vilter Pro is equipped with a magnetic wireless power bank.

. The Vilter PB (power bank) can be purchased separately for your Vilter and Vilter S.

. Optional artificial paper filter drip tip & POM drip tip.

. Optional artificial paper filter drip tip colors.

Aspire France also unveiled the trendiest vape Riil X, with its exquisite design, ergonomic luggage shape, metallic shell, and easy side airflow adjustment, greatest flavor, it features Aspire’s  signature functional design language and fashion-forward aesthetic.


Key features of the Riil X include:

. Fashionable, portable

. Convenient side fill

. AF mesh coil compatible

. Convenient airflow adjustment, MTL to RDTL

. Crafted chain included

. 2A Type-C fast charging

. Fully charged in 20 minutes

. Smart constant wattage output

Aspire believes that competitiveness begins and ends with consumers. With this in mind, Flexus Stik and Flexus Blok added to the Flexus series, with a commitment to unique, functional design, meaning each component is there for a specific reason, and exactly where it needs to be to ensure the vaper gets the best possible vaping experience in terms of power and aesthetics.


Flexus Stik and Flexus Blok features:

. Compatible with the all-new AF mesh coils, designed for flavor chasers.

. Convenient airflow adjustment.

. Big battery capacity for 2 days vaping.

. Activated by optional auto draw or fire button.

. Adjustable 3-Level power range.

To find out more about the unique benefits of these powerful and well-designed vapes and how they herald the future of both luxury and vape technology, pls visit Aspire’s official website: www.aspirecig.com