Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Unveiling Felix: A Symphony of Elegance by the Aspire and FELIX Collaboration

23. Jan. 2024

In the dynamic world of vaping, the joyous collaboration between Aspire and FELIX has given birth to the extraordinary masterpiece, Felix. Debuting on January 8, 2024, this joint venture is a celebration of innovation and dedication. Meticulously designed by FELIX in Seoul, made by Aspire, Felix not only symbolizes the shared delight of both companies but also establishes itself as a unique and competitive force in the vaping market. From its carefully designed aesthetics to its advanced features, Felix stands out as a testament to the unparalleled synergy between Aspire and FELIX, setting a new standard in the landscape of vaping.

Felix transcends the conventional notion of a vaping device, it evolves into a symbol of sophistication. With its compact and lightweight design, this nicotine delivery system—crafted by the skilled hands of Aspire and FELIX—serves not only as a vaping tool but also as an embodiment of elegant style.

Felix is equipped with a formidable 1400 mAh battery, fortified with the support of 2A Type-C fast charging, ensuring a rapid and complete charge in a mere 40 minutes. What sets this device apart is its remarkable endurance, capable of sustaining 3 days of usage on just a single charge. This exceptional feature guarantees users an uninterrupted and truly fulfilling vaping experience, making Felix a powerhouse in the world of vapes.Felix with Package

Felix Device is a pinnacle of versatility, designed to accommodate the Felix Pod 0.6Ω for RDTL vaping and the Felix Pod 1.0Ω tailored for MTL enthusiasts. Elevating the user experience, the silicone stoppers of the 0.6Ω and 1.0Ω pods are distinctly tinted in pastel blue and pink, respectively, serving as a visual cue to differentiate between the two resistances and adding an aesthetically pleasing touch.

Aspire Felix

The Felix Pod, with a 4.0 ml capacity and protective cap, ensures secure pod placement, minimizing accidental drops. Its transparent window simplifies e-liquid monitoring, preventing coil dry hits. The Felix Device offers adjustable “Low, Mid, High” wattage levels, allowing precise customization for a personalized vaping experience. The auto-draw activation system enhances user convenience and overall vaping experience, in line with our commitment to user-friendly operation.

Felix caters to a spectrum of individual tastes, offering a captivating range of colour options, each with its own distinctive characteristics. The palette includes Sanho, Yunseul, Soap, Rhyme Lime, Noir, Cookie, and Revolver. Notably, Sanho and Yunseul, presented as limited editions, introduce an air of exclusivity to the collection, further enhancing the allure of Felix as a personalized and exceptional vaping device.

Aspire and FELIX

Joe, Aspire’s Chief Product Director, shared his delightful surprise and joy about this collaborative endeavor, emphasizing, “Felix embodies the seamless fusion of innovative design and advanced functionality—a genuine testament to Aspire and FELIX’s shared dedication to delivering an unparalleled vaping experience.” He continued, “Throughout this creative journey, the synergy between our teams has been nothing short of exhilarating, making Felix not only a product of successful collaboration but also a beacon of what’s possible when two visionary companies join forces.”

All Colours of felix

June, the boss of FELIX expressed, “Felix truly reflects our firm commitment to innovation and striving for excellence. This collaboration with Aspire has allowed us to create a vaping product that goes above and beyond the expectations of our valued customers.” With genuine excitement, he added, “Working together has not only resulted in an outstanding vape but has also improved our overall capabilities. It sets a new benchmark as we relentlessly aim for excellence in the vaping industry. Felix shows what can happen when two companies join forces to redefine standards and provide an exceptional experience for our discerning customers.”