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9 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vape Battery

30. Dec. 2022

Perhaps you have noticed that your battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. It’s quite common to experience this kind of problems. Obviously, over time, your vape battery won’t perform as well as it did when your device was new. I’m going to give you some tips to extend the life of your vaping device battery.

1. Unplug your Vaping Device After You Finished Charging it

This is one of the most common mistakes. Leaving your battery overcharging exerts a lot of stress on your vape battery. Your battery will overcharge and overheat. Try not to overcharge your battery and don’t leave your device charging for a whole night.

2. Keep Your Batteries Clean

It’s very important to keep the batteries clean. It’s common that batteries get dirty in your pockets, backpack etc. When the battery is dirty, the connection between the battery and the atomizers gets weaker. Thus, the battery is forced to overwork, it will drain faster and you will need to recharge it more often.

If you keep it clean, then you will notice an improvement in your battery performance.

3. Turn Off Your Vape Batteries After You Use It

When you are not using your device, even if it’s not firing, it still consumes some battery. In order to save battery and to increase your device battery lifespan, turn it off so it doesn’t drain your batteries. This simple measure will help you save some power of your batteries.

4. Use the Vape Battery Regularly

You should use your vaping device regularly to maintain a good battery performance. This is similar to your mobile devices. It doesn’t mean that you need to puff your vape every 30 seconds, but a regular use will keep your battery active and it will thrive with frequent use.

5. Avoid Draining your Vape Battery

Generally, it’s not recommended to fully charge a mobile device or to completely drain the battery. It’s the same with your vaping device. The reason you should not let the battery drain completely is because the device will need extra power to recharge. Therefore, you better recharge your battery when it goes below 40%.

6. Vape Battery Rotation

Use more than one battery to keep them “in good shape”. Some users have two sets of batteries. Usually, one of them is just for emergencies. However, you better rotate them, so all your batteries get the necessary use as they thrive with a frequent use.

7. Store Your Device Properly

Batteries should be stored in proper places. For instance, avoid extreme heat or too cold places.  If you leave your vaping device in your car, it might get overheat and thus, your battery performance will drastically drop. In addition, keep the batteries away from very humid environments.

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8. Remove the Pod or Atomizer

If you are planning to store your device for a long time, remove the pod or the atomizers. The atomizers is part of the circuit and hence, it passively drains your battery.

9. Store Your Vape Batteries with a Full Charge

If you store a drain battery, then this will affect the internal structure of it. If you store a discharged battery, then it will be much more difficult to recharge it in the future. Try to recharge your batteries occasionally.

Extend Battery Lifespan: Conclusion

If you follow these tips then you will help prolong your vape battery life. In addition, you will avoid to constantly replace your batteries and, thus, you will also save money. Follow this easy tips and you will extend the life of your vaping device battery!