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9 Tips to Fixing Your Leaking Vape Tank

11. Jan. 2023

Have you ever experienced the moment that you find out your vape tank is leaking? Here you have some tips that can help you solve tank leakage issues and will also help you save e-juice, and keep your pants clean!

1. Mistakes When Filling the Tank

When filling the tank, make sure you don’t spill the e-liquid over the glass tube. If you did it accidentally, wipe off the liquid with a paper towel, or else it will might cause gurgle and leaking. Slope your tank when filling up, this action ensures that the juice goes inside the glass tube and the tank and stays away from the central tube. Moreover, don’t overfill your tank, the air space will retain the e-liquid in the chamber.

overfill your tank

Don’ t overfill your tank,Huracan

2. Tighten Your Tank But Not Over-Tight it

A tank that is not properly tighten is one of the main reasons for tank leakage. Gaps between the coil and the base of atomizer, or the tank and base can cause leaks. The solution is to re-attach the atomizer head to the base and the base to the tank. The atomizer head sometimes may loosen when unscrewing the tank, so you have to check it.

If you don’t do anything specific with it. You may also encounter ‘cross threading’ when you screw two components together, and they fail to line up properly and leave us with the risk of an unsealed tank. However, don’t over-tighten your tank by putting too much strength into it, otherwise the o-rings can get damaged.

Tighten Your Tank But Not Over-Tight it

Tighten Your Tank But Not Over-Tight it, Huracan

3. Tank Leakage: Replace the O-rings

The O-ring is a rubber ring usually placed at the top and bottom of the tank. If the O-rings are damaged, then there is no airtight seal and the juice will leak out. You can buy new o-rings to replace the old ones. Occasionally, not all the o-rings can fit on your tanks, which can cause unwanted gaps as well.

Tank Leakage-Replace the O-rings – Aspire Huracan Tank

4. Don’t Leave the Vape in Horizontal Position

If you carry vape devices around in a horizontal position, your tank may leak as well. This is because when a tank is laid on its side for a certain periods of time, the e-juice may leak through airflow holes. Especially when the e-juice is under half full, the juice holes in the coil are no longer covered with juice and it is easy for the e-juice to leak. What you need to do is to be careful of the position to place your vape.

Don’t Leave the Vape in Horizontal Position

Don’t Leave the Vape in Horizontal Position,Huracan

5. Choose the Right Coils

Occasionally the coil fails to absorb the e-liquid, which may lead to tank leakage. This could be caused when you use a faulty coil or a coil that is too old to work efficiently. Most tanks come with replacement coils with other resistances, which offers various vaping experience.

High resistance coils have smaller juice holes, which is ideal for higher PG juices . Or, higher VG juices vaporize at higher temperatures. In other words, it means that if the liquid can’t vaporize properly, liquid leakage can happen.

Low resistance coils have bigger juice holes and airflow holes, which allows thicker liquid to run through. What could happen if we put less viscous e-juices in low resistance coils? The liquid may lead to flooding, either in the central tube, or out of the airflow holes.

Choose the Right Coils

Choose the Right Coils,Huracan Coil

6. Tank Leakage: Inhale with the Right Technique

It’s best to inhale softly and slowly. The inhalation style could be one of the reasons for tank leaking, especially when you keep meeting such issue or are used to smoking. If you draw firmly or sharply on the vape devices as you do on the cigarettes, you may pull the liquid faster than the coil can vaporize. The excessive juice may flow into the tube resulting in leakage. Instead of drawing firmly, you can try to puff gently and longer.

Another hidden reason is long and condensed draws. You can hardly inhale all the vapor when you press the fire button and take a draw. The remaining vapor can condense into the centre tube day by day. You may never know which drop will be ‘the last straw’, and to avoid this happening:

  • Inhale as soon as you press the fire button
  • Remove your finger from the fire button when you are not inhaling
  • Clean your tank on a regular basis
Tank Leakage-Inhale with the Right Technique

Tank Leakage-Inhale with the Right Technique,Huracan

7. Keep your Vape Clean and in Good Conditions

I would suggest cleaning your vape devices when you notice the flavor and vapor production have decreased, or more visually, when your tank gets dirty. This usually takes 1-2 months, depending on how often you vape. You can rinse the tank in cold water and let it air dry overnight.

Keep your Vape Clean and in Good Conditions

Keep your Vape Clean and in Good Conditions,Huracan

8. Tank Leakage: Increase the Wattage

Excessive e-juice is one of the most common causes of leakage. The main reason is that there is too much juices in your coil to vaporize, if so, the juice may leak. The most direct way is to increase the power to higher wattage/voltage, which can vaporize more juice on each time you puff.

Tank Leakage-Increase the Wattage

Tank Leakage-Increase the Wattage,RHEA,200W

9. Use Vape Juices with more VG

As we have discussed above, VG is thicker than PG, so the VG-based juices flow much slower. It means the liquid has less chance to enter the central tube from the coil. To some extent, choosing vape juices with a higher VG:PG ratio can avoid tank leakage. Again, be aware that high VG liquid can easily cause dry hits that may burn the cotton in the coil as well as the coil itself.

Use Vape Juices with more VG

Use Vape Juices with more VG