WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.
Aspire Slym Kit

Aspire Slym Kit

Introducing the latest pocketable system from Aspire. The Aspire new Slym is a new ultra portable device at just 108 mm long and 20 mm wide. The Aspire Slym is discrete in size and low-profile, making it your must-have vape while indoors or on-the-go.
Aspire Slym Kit
Available in three trendy and stylish colors, Silver, Rose gold, and Black.

Slym Dimensions

Aspire Slym Kit
The compact 108 mm *20 mm dimensions allow you to slide the Slym into literally any pocket, bag or purse.With a battery capacity of 1000 mAh and bypass output, it is also long-lasting depending on vaping style.

Slym Pod Dimensions

Aspire Slym Kit
The Slym pods will be filled with E-liquids from the top global E-liquid brands to satisfy the various flavor demands of vapers. The pre-filled pods will be available to purchase separately from our partnered E-liquid brand suppliers and our official distributors across the EU.
Slym kit with a refillable pod is also available to purchase.
Aspire Slym Kit

Pod Installation

Aspire Slym Kit
The Slym requires a pre-filled pod (not supplied) and installation is easy. First, activate the pod. Push the coil into the body of the disposable pod; Allow the pod complete with coil to stand for 5 minutes so that the cotton can become fully saturated with E-liquid before use. Then unscrew the top cap and remove it from the device. Attach the activated pod, complete with the fully saturated coil to the top cap and screw the whole unit back into the metal sleeve of the device.

Slym Refillable Pod

Aspire Slym Kit
Aspire Sylm refillable pod is very convenient to fill. Simply lift the plastic plug and supply it with your preferred e-liquid.

Protection Features

Aspire Slym Kit
The Slym comes with all the usual protection features that you have come to expect from Aspire. Automatic Cutoff, Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcharge Protection, and Over Heat Protection.

Charging the Slym

Aspire Slym Kit
Charge the Slym via the Micro USB port. Maximum charge current can reach up to 1A. When the USB cable is attached, the device indicator light will flash red 3 times. While charging, the LED will indicate the device’s current charge status: 3.5 volts or less= red light; 3.5 to 3.8 volts= blue light; 3.8 volts and above = green light. When the device is fully charged the LED will flash green 20 times then remain off. When the USB cable is detached the indicator light will flash green 3 times.

Carry Case

Available separately is the Aspire Slym Carry case which will hold your Slym device and spare pods. It is available in three colors, Black, Grey and Pink for added protection and convenience.
Aspire Slym Kit

Aspire Slym Vape Kit Review and Tutorial

Kit Contains

Slym Mod Without Pod:

1* Slym / 1* Micro USB cable / 1* User manual / 1* Warranty card

Slym Kit With Refillable Pod:

1* Slym Device (1000 mAh) / 1* Slym Pod - Refillable (1.8 ml) / 1* USB Cable / 1* User Manual

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