Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.
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About Aspire Affiliate Program

Welcome to Aspire Affiliate program, you are one step closer to working together with Aspire. Aspire is offering you a chance to establish a long-term and win-win business relationship with us, you don’t need to pay a registration fee to join, nor do you need to maintain a quota to earn your commissions, you can get commissions simply by promoting our products on your website or social media platforms, don’t hesitate about anymore, and join us today!

How Does the Affiliate
Program Work?

  • STEP 1:
    Register an affiliate account on shareasale.com
  • STEP 2:
    Search aspirecig and apply to join the Aspire affiliate program
  • STEP 3:
    Wait for the affiliate program to be approved
  • STEP 4:
    Share Aspire affiliate link or contact aspire official for your exclusive partnership
  • STEP 5:
    Promote to bring sales
  • STEP 6:
    Earn partnership commission

How Much Can You Earn?

The more you sell, the more commission you will get. According to your personal needs, we will recommend your exclusive collaboration method. Please contact our official social media platforms for a detailed offer plan.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Aspire, a leading global vaporizer brand since 2013
  • Well-built and high-quality products
  • 100% competitive prices guarantee
  • Professional service and 24/7 support


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Who is Eligible to be an Aspire Affiliate?

Influencer: Your social media account must be active and have organic followers (at least 3000).
Blogger: As a blogger, you can monetize your online content by promoting products.
Website: The most common way to promote aspire products on your own website.
Others: You have some other promotion channels.

How long does it take to pass the Aspire affiliate program review?

Aspire officials will review and approve the applied users within 7 days. You can inform the application information through Aspire social media or official email social@aspirecig.com, and we will review it as soon as possible.

After applying through the Aspire affiliate program, what do you need to do?

After approving the application, you need to copy the exclusive link and share it on your social media channels or webpage for promotion. In addition, according to your personal needs, you also contact ASPIRE to obtain your exclusive collaboration method.

How can the profit be withdrawn?

After you successfully promote our products, you can get the earnings, which can be withdrawn at any time. For more details, please refer to the withdrawal terms on ShareAsale.com.

Contact Us

If you have further questions about our Affiliate Program, please feel free to contact social@aspirecig.com
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