Firmware V04 for Plato

The Aspire Plato V04 firmware adds Variable Voltage (VV) mode. Wattage mode has been renamed Variable Wattage (VW) mode. VV and VW modes are placed under one option in the menu and allow users to adjust the voltage and wattage output. 
In addition to VV and VW modes, the Plato’s third mode is Temperature Control (TC) mode. TC Mode supports NI coils (Triton mini NI200 0.15ohm coil).
Added Features:
- Adds Voltage Mode (Variable Voltage or VV mode)
Removed menu options include:
- Bypass mode was removed as users mainly only used regulated mode.
- TI temperature control mode removed as there are no TI coils for Plato.
- Room Temp removed as the device will automatically read the initial resistance as the base resistance.
Note: When using TC mode please make sure new atomizers have ample time to cool down to room temperature. Otherwise, the temperature reading results may be off and inaccurate. 
The same “New Atomizer” prompt will appear when re-connect the existing atomizer or when you connect a totally new atomizer and insert battery. Select “Yes,” if it is a new atomizer. Select “No” if it is the same atomizer and your device will continue using your previous settings. 
 Aspire Plato firmware only supports Windows at the moment. Window OS supported: WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10.
If the original firmware of your plato is V06, firmwareV03-V05 are not compatible with your plato.

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