Aspire NX75 firmware V07

For better user experience, we added a counter in the new V07 firmware, press W and T buttons simultaneously will enter menu interface. Click “+” or “-” button to select Counter profiles, fire button to confirm. The interface below shows you the Counter settings:

• The puff counter will automatically count how many puffs users have taken, the numbers can go up to 999999. (Note: puffs that are less than 1 second will not be counted.)
• The TIMER counts how many seconds user have vaped (Note: puffs need to be more than 1 second to be counted.)
• With the V07 firmware users can preset the Limited Puff numbers to limit your daily puffs, click “W” or “T” button to select Limited Puff settings, “+” or “-” button to change the numbers and fire button to confirm your settings. Once the puffs have reached up to the numbers that users preset, the mod will stop firing, please reset the number to continue using the mod. (Numbers can be set from 0 to 999.)
• Choose the trash can symbol to delete your counter records.
• Select the little arrow symbol will turn you to the next page. Please see interface below

• FullBattClear means to clear the counter records once the mod is fully charged. Click “W” or “T” button to choose FullBattClear, click fire button to turn it On or off.
• Display means to display the Timer and Puff Counter on the screen, Click “W” or “T” button to choose Display, click fire button to turn it On or off.

• SpeedBrake is to limit the vaping speed for the sake of better vaping experience, if the continuous firing has surpasssed 15 seconds and the break between each puff is less than 5 seconds the screen will display ”You should relax” for 5 seconds. Click “W” or “T” button to choose SpeedBrake, click fire button to turn it On or off.


Not support Mac os high sierro 10.13

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